I have sold a lot of things on Facebook Marketplace. While it can be a little bit of a headache, I have learned to make it manageable and worth making some profit off things I am getting rid of. Facebook Marketplace is a great way to make some extra money.

1. Sell one thing at a time

There are a few times I listed several things at the same time, and totally regretted it! For one, the messages were pouring in, and it was just overwhelming and tough trying to manage multiple items. I try to be fair and take messages in the order received, and when I’m selling multiple items, it is too much to manage.

2. Take several pictures that are good quality

Make sure you take several photos, and that they are good quality. It also helps if you can stage them, so that the item for sale is in a good location and looks nice. Take pictures of front, back, any damages, etc. In the picture below, I made sure there was natural lighting and it showed the finish on the top of the table.

3. Write a thorough description

Make sure to write a thorough description. I have also included a link to amazon or screenshot of the product on the manufacturer website. This gives people all the info they need; plus I can show that “I bought the product brand new for $100, selling for $25” type of thing. Always include measurements, e.g. a coffee table measures a certain length x width x height. Be sure to include any descriptions of damages, e.g. “water mark on top” with a photo included.

4. Include meetup details, and be safe

I usually try to meet at a public location, like a grocery store parking lot. If you are comfortable meeting at your home, you can add a nearby landmark without giving your address (e.g. “within a mile of Niagara Falls”. Never include your address or phone number.

5. Mark the item as pending when you set up a meeting

Once you have set up a solid meetup, if you have a lot of interest in the item, mark it as pending. Otherwise, I get a steady flow of messages asking if the item is available.

6. Pick a price carefully

I choose a price based on how those items sell on Facebook marketplace. I also look up the item on Amazon. If someone can get the same item on Amazon for not much more, it won’t sell. Take for example a “Joovy Caboose Too Double Stroller”. You could put that you purchased it new for $250, it was used once, and are selling for $” amount (and choose what you think is reasonable. Keep in mind too that people will often offer a lower price, so factor that into your decision.

7. Be patient

Selling on Facebook Marketplace can be frustrating. You’ll get lots of messages asking if the item is available, to never hear from the person again. You’ll get no-shows. Lots of strange questions. People begging you to save the item for them. However, if you use the tips I have used, I find that it makes things go a lot more smoothly.