I have been enjoying Adagio Teas for years, including their newer line of Masters Teas. I consider myself a tea connoisseur and love sampling different kinds, and I enjoy having a variety of teas in my cabinet that I can pick from depending on what I am in the mood for.

Master’s Teas aren’t your average teas. These are unique, fresh teas that you aren’t going to find at the store, and there is a story behind each tea.

The intention of Masters Teas is to share the finest, freshest specialty teas direct from the farms where they grow. We invite you to get to know the artisans who tender them and learn their stories. It is not necessary to be a tea connoisseur to enjoy these exceptional productions, as we intend to offer as much information as possible to help you on a journey of tea discovery. Masters Teas is proud to offer you our fresh-from-the-field teas the moment they arrive. Each offering is a limited edition, small lot production.


I love learning about these teas, from how they are made to where they come from. These aren’t your typical bagged teas that you find at the grocery store. Masters Teas are carefully selected and processed, and truly are unique options. You can go on the Masters Teas website and learn so much about each tea, for example:

The Rohini First Flush Ooling is truly a spring tea, and a lot of work goes into producing this product. I learned that oolong teas are very time consuming to produce, including plucking, withering, rolling, oxidizing and firing.

I like watching the delicate leaves unfold in the hot water. The Masters Teas website tells you the temperature and steeping time, and the information is also on the tea packaging. You don’t want to just throw the tea in a cup and forget about it, and it is nice that the information is provided on how to best enjoy each individual tea. If you have ever had a bitter green tea, you know exactly what I am talking about! The key is usually to not oversteep the tea.

This Rohini First Flush tea has a beautiful flavor, with a lot of fruity and floral notes in it. Overall, it is a very light, subtle fragrant flavor. The website describes it as “aromatic, with fruity notes of pear and a lingering lily-of-the-valley and pear blossom finish“.

The Rohini Gold Wire tea has a much different flavor profile. It is a richer tea that can be tough to pinpoint the combination of aromas and tastes. I usually turn to the Master’s Teas website, because I personally find it tough to think of just what elements are in the aroma and taste. The website describes this one in detail: “The aroma is fruity, suggesting muscatel grape and plum, but the cup holds much more. Initial taste sensations are those of toast, cocoa and honey, then opening up to plum and fig, hints of spice, and in the super smooth finish, a wonderful nuance of floral notes.

As a side note, if you steep loose tea often, this is the infuser to go with! Someone actually gave me this set for Christmas a few years ago and I love it. I used to struggle with tea ball infusers, and now, the only thing I will use is this infuser. The fine mesh is awesome, especially for teas that have fine pieces in them, and it cleans up so fast. This makes an awesome gift too, as I have loved mine for years and enjoy passing on such a great product that makes steeping so much easier!

I have thoroughly enjoyed these new teas from Masters Teas for the past few weeks. These beautiful and unique flavors have accompanied me both in relaxing, during work, and amongst my spring projects. Masters Teas never disappoints with the quality of their teas!

Check out Masters Teas at https://www.mastersteas.com/