I remember Muck Boots from when I was younger. I have fond memories of wearing Muck Boots when I would go horse riding or when I did a summer internship on a farm. Those boots were great for around the barns, since the farms could be a messy place.

I recently rediscovered Muck Boots and how much their line of footwear has grown.

I received a sample of Muck Boots to facilitate my review.

I am loving this Women’s Ankle Boot! If you are at all familiar with the weather in the Northeast, the transition from winter into spring is a rough one. We have a wide range of weather conditions that Mother Nature throws our way, from rain to sleet to snow. It feels like months of enduring slogging through snow, mud, and puddles. These boots are so easy to slip on and get going.

I am very busy, between two jobs, two kids, and lots of commitments. I am constantly coming and going from the house, and it is nice to have a pair of boots that I can throw on at a moment’s notice.

These are great for walking to the bus stop, checking the mail, running errands, doing yard work – whatever you need these boots for. They save my other shoes from the elements, and I can quickly change into other shoes once I get to home, work, or the gym.

This boot is 100% waterproof, and I love the design on the neoprene.

The design is so cute and springy, it brings a nice, decorative element to a practical boot. I am excited for spring, and these make it nicer to navigate spring conditions as I get started on things like yard work and getting outside.

There are so many great options for men, women, and kids. From work boots to winter boots, the Muck Boot company has the whole family covered.

It is nice to have so many options, and a variety of quality boots for little kids, to keep them comfy and protected, while enjoying their childhood!

Photo credit: Muck Boots

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