I have been to Peebles Island State Park a few times, and most recently went with a good friend of mine to enjoy a beautiful spring day. This unique park is an island surrounded by city.

The park is easy to get to using Google Maps. There were also signs along the way, and a visitors center when you arrive.

There are several trails within the park, as well as a visitor center, places to sit, a pavilion, restrooms, and more.

You can find maps here: https://parks.ny.gov/parks/peeblesisland/maps.aspx

There is also a map posted at the park when you enter.

When I visited on a weekend, parking was tight. I would say there are a few dozen parking spots, and the park was very busy. Fortunately someone was leaving as I was arriving, but to avoid frustration, you may want to go early or a little later when it isn’t peak times. That being said, despite a full parking lot, people were spread out on the trails and I didn’t feel like it was hard to social distance.

We did the perimeter trail of the park, which was the red trail. The trails are mostly flat, with only a little bit of elevation rise within the park. I think this is an easy trail for kids, but you want to make sure kids stay away from the edges, as there are steep drop offs to rocks and water.

The paths are well-used, so it is easy to stay on the paths. The trails were also marked well. The red perimeter loop is about two miles, and you can meander the other trails for more mileage.

We did this trail in early April, and we did not encounter any mud.

We enjoyed the perimeter trail because you get a good view of the water.

After we were done, we sat outdoors and enjoyed the sun. There are lots of open park areas where you can sit at picnic tables, fish, and so on.

Check out Peebles Island at https://parks.ny.gov/parks/peeblesisland/

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