For economic, environmental, and personal reasons, the use of solar energy is becoming more and more popular. However, although the power of the sun is limitless, harnessing, it is not. But with the use of solar batteries, we can begin to harness more of it.

If you’re new to solar, you may want to go for gold and install your new solar panels with a solar battery. If you’re already a solar energy user, you can also add on the battery to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your solar power system.

What is a Solar Battery?

When solar panels collect more energy from the sun than a building is using, it generally will go back to a power grid and owners can get a feed-in tariff. But solar batteries allow for harvesting the surplus energy for later consumption when the sun is not out, like at night, or on cloudy days. When the battery also runs out of energy, then electricity from the grid may be used.

Benefits of Installing Solar Batteries

Think of the reasons you decided to install solar panels in your home or business. Now add “even more” to these reasons.

Lower your Power Bills (even more)

Being able to harness the sun’s energy for later usage means that you get the most out of utilizing your solar panels and therefore use less of other energy sources.

Help the Environment (even more)

Not only will you help your family’s wallet, but you will also do a good service to the environment, by decreasing your carbon footprint with solar batteries. Using more of a renewable energy source and less of those which emit greenhouse gases can only be good news to mother Earth.

Energy Independence

Solar customers love the fact that they don’t have to rely solely on the grid for energy use. This is especially useful during power blackouts or during a natural disaster. With solar battery, such independence is significantly increased.

Features to Look Out For

There are different types of solar batteries to now choose from, so considering these factors may help your decision in which battery is right for you:

Cost-Effectiveness and Energy Efficiency

Look at the battery’s power ratings and choose a capacity that suits your home’s needs.


Generally, batteries last between 5 and 15 years. The longer they last, the better the investment.

Solar Monitoring Systems

With built-in inverters and connected software, you can track energy consumption and generation or system damage. Some of these systems are cloud-based so you can monitor the solar system battery with your mobile.

Looking Towards the Future 

There’s a reason that sustainable energy companies, like Tesla, are investing lots of capital in solar battery storage. As its popularity rises and technology improves, renewable energy becomes more competitive on the market, which drops overall energy prices. In the future, we may even expect that solar batteries will enable us to store power in the summertime for use in the winter! And we may also see solar energy stored wholesale and distributed to individual homes and businesses. 

Whatever the future holds, the future of solar is bright; and much brighter even, with the addition of solar batteries.