Outdoor activities don’t have to mean the adults and kids do them separately! The kids can enjoy outside time just as much as their parents – and vice versa. There are lots of activities you can do with your kids that will get them up and moving. Here are some fun outdoor activities the whole family will enjoy!


  1. Walking the Dog: You don’t have to take the dog out for a walk by yourself – bring the kids into it, too! Even if it’s cold outside, bundle everyone up in their bubble coats, scarves and hats and get out there. The walk doesn’t have to be long, either, especially if it’s extremely cold or hot outside. Your kids might complain at first, but as long as they’re properly dressed for the occasion, then they’ll get some exercise in by simply walking with the dog! Make sure their ID tag is updated, too. Investing in a custom dog tag is a great way to ensure if they get lost for some reason, anyone who finds your pupper will know how to contact you properly. 
  1. The Game of Hide and Seek: Hide and Seek might seem like a simple game, but it’s a great way for everyone to get active. Take the kids to the local park or even travel to a new place to play a game! There are tons of places the kids can hide that will make it fun for you to seek them. Just make sure one of you watches over the kids while the other plays the game to ensure everyone stays safe. 
  1. Get a Trampoline: If you have a backyard, get a trampoline! The kids will love jumping on it, but the adults can get in on the fun, too. It’s a great way to get your cardio up without pounding the concrete. A good trampoline can last for many years, and it might even inspire your kids to take up a similar sport, such as gymnastics! It’s also a great way to strengthen your core – landing without falling takes skill and balance. Remember, though, whenever you and your partner get active outside with the kids, you’ll want to remove your metal or diamond rings and swap them out for a set of silicone wedding bands!
  1. Go on a Hike: Hiking is one of the easiest ways you can get the kids outside. Find a local nature preserve or national park in your state you can take the kids to and pack them up for a day of hiking! Bring lots of healthy snacks, bottles of water and sunscreen. Even if the hike is heavily shaded, you should always wear sunscreen when spending prolonged periods outside. You can also turn the hike into a learning experience, talking to the kids about the different plants, animals and insects they come across on the hike! There might even be a park ranger available to take you on a guided hike or show you through a visitor center with more information about the park. 
  1. Visit a Zoo: Many zoos have outdoor components – and kids love them! They get to learn about a variety of different animals while playing outside. Walking around the zoo is a great activity for parents and kids alike! Many have parks or water-play areas throughout the space, too, where you can get involved with the kids. You can quiz them on the different animals, areas the animals typically live in and more for a unique experience!
  1. Go Camping: Take the kids to a campsite for a weekend of outdoor fun! It’s a great opportunity for them to disengage from technology and spend time outdoors. It will also clear your head, too, as many have found camping has a variety of health benefits for adults and kids alike! If you can’t take the weekend, you can set up a tent outside in the backyard. Light a small fire, roast marshmallows and then look up and gaze at the stars! If you can get out to a campsite, make sure you bring changes of clothes, lots of water and non-perishable snacks (or bring a cooler for any meats, cheeses or dairy products you have). 
  1. Rock Climbing: There are lots of rock climbing adventure sites that have been popping up all over. Take the kids for a unique outdoor experience and go rock climbing! If this is something you already know how to do, why not get them started at a local nature park? If none of you have ever been rock climbing before, consider signing up at a local space to take some classes together as a family. Not only is it fun, but it will build trust between you, your partner and your kids. 


  1. Tag, You’re It! Just like Hide and Seek, tag is a game as old as time, but it’s still just as fun! You’ll want a large space to play this game in, so if you have a small backyard, consider migrating to a park or open field. Mix it up by using water guns, Nerf guns (from a safe distance and with proper protective gear, of course!) or even toy swords! The kids will love this new spin on a classic outdoor game. Plus, you and your partner will get a cardio workout in!
  1. Hopscotch: Another classic outdoor kids game, hopscotch is a great way for kids to practice counting and get better at balance and core strength. Even for adults, hopscotch can test your balance. Even if you haven’t played it since you were a kid, it’s never too late to get back into it. A driveway, sidewalk or even a back deck is a great place to play hopscotch. 
  1. A Bike Ride: Bike rides are a fun outdoor activity everyone can do. Use a bicycle with a second seat for any children who can’t ride their own bicycle. If they’re old enough and have their own bike – even a tricycle – then they can join in on the bike ride!