Looking to boost the reputation of your small business? If your shop doesn’t look good from the street, it could be scaring off many potential customers. One easy way to make sure that customers choose your store over the competition is by upgrading the external appearance of your retail space. Since your storefront actually serves as one of your best marketing tools, here are five great ways to give it a curb appeal update.

1. Update the Landscaping

If you have any areas of landscaping around your business, it’s important that you keep them green. Neglecting your landscaping makes your business look disorganized, and it can actually damage your clients’ trust. It’s a smart idea to have expert lawn care services on retainer for your business property, since they can take care of any grass and other plants on your property. You have a business to run – leave the landscape maintenance to the professionals and watch the curb appeal of your business reach full bloom.

2. Keep the Exterior Clean

Customers pay close attention to the cleanliness of a business, both inside and out. It’s important to keep your sidewalk and entryways clear from landscaping debris and scraps of trash. If you have garbage receptacles near your entry, make it a habit to check them regularly so that they never overflow. Taking care of the small things like these shows customers that you pay attention to the details and further establishes trust.

3. Improve the Lighting

Lighting can make any building look more attractive, and it also acts as an extra safety feature. It’s a great idea to install more lighting around key entry points and in any areas that a customer may use to reach your business. Whenever possible, choose LED fixtures that require less energy to create brighter light that helps customers feel comfortable when they visit after dark.

4. Update the Signage

It can be hard for potential customers to discover what your store has to offer if your signage doesn’t provide a clear explanation of who you are. Your store’s sign should clearly communicate what you sell or the services you provide. After all, a business’s signage isn’t just a nameplate—it’s a handshake, and with National Signs, you’re ensuring it’s a strong one every time.

When designing a new sign, include your company name, logo and other information necessary to get a customer’s attention and clearly state why your business should matter to them.

5. Repair Paved Surfaces

Even though the paved areas around your business exist to serve a utilitarian purpose, they also have an impact on the impression that customers receive when they arrive at your shop. Check your parking lot and walkways frequently for damage and also pay close attention when it rains – if there’s standing water on the lot, it’s time to resurface it. When it comes time for a repair, choose an asphalt sealcoating process. It helps your paved areas stand up to the elements, as well as regular wear and tear, and keeps the surface attractive for years to come.

Brick and mortar retail stores are only successful if they gain the trust of customers and clients. Follow the tips above to make sure that your business makes the right first impression on every guest who stops by.