Kids do mysterious things. They like a certain food one day and then the next day they’ll tell you that they hate it. They’ll tell you when their tummy hurts, but they won’t tell you about other issues that they’re having.

One thing many kids silently struggle with is their vision. Parents often don’t know that there’s a problem with their child’s vision until a problem has been going on for a while. Do you need help recognizing the symptoms?

Read on to learn if your child might need glasses.

1. Excessive Eye Rubbing or Blinking

Have you noticed that your child has been rubbing their eyes or blinking a lot when they’re doing visual tasks like reading, watching TV, or playing a video game? If this sounds like your child, then your child might be struggling with their vision. 

When your vision is blurry, it’s instinctual to rub your eyes or blink to try to remove the blurriness. Your child may not even know that the reason they’re rubbing their eyes is because of blurred vision, so it’s important to watch out for it. 

2. Their Face Is in a Book

Reading a book or watching TV is a favorite pastime of many children. Maybe you’ve started to notice that your child has been sitting really close to the TV or they have their favorite books nearly pressed against their face. This isn’t just a weird quirk of childhood, it can also mean that your child is having a hard time seeing things.

If you see your child doing something like this, then it doesn’t hurt to sit down with them and ask them why they’re doing it. If they’re doing it on a regular basis, then it’s probably a good idea to check out this article to help you find an optometrist who can resolve your child’s vision issues.

3. They Avoid Visual Work

Children aren’t always upfront with us about their motivation for doing certain things. The same goes for a reluctance to do things.

If your child is struggling to see, they might be worried about judgment and not tell you about it. As a result, you might notice that they don’t like to engage in anything that has to do with visual acuity. 

4. Frequent Headaches

We all get headaches throughout our life for various reasons. One major contributor to headaches is an inability to see properly.

If your child has been complaining of frequent headaches, then it’s worth asking them about their vision. If you think they might be having issues, then it’s time to make an optometrist appointment for them.

Does Your Child Need Glasses?

If you think your child might need glasses, then it’s important to make an appointment with an optometrist as soon as possible. Your child’s doctor can help you and your child feel comfortable with the eye exam process and get them fitted for a pair of glasses they love.

Staying on top of your kid’s needs can be tough if you don’t know what to look out for. Thankfully, we have tons of information on our blog that can make parenting a cinch! Check it out!