When furnishing the guest room in your house, you should try to provide your guests with the same level of comfort that they would enjoy at a good hotel. In this article, you will find useful recommendations on how to achieve this goal.

You need to keep in mind that the tastes and needs of the people who will stay there might differ drastically. This means the room should be universal and self-sufficient. When your guests retire there in the evening, they should have all the necessary amenities at their disposal so that they do not need to ask you for anything. In this article, we will share valuable recommendations on how an ideal guest room should look and which furniture it should contain.

Which Furniture You Should Buy for the Guest Room

A perfect guest room should be just as cozy and welcoming as a good hotel. Since you can not foresee in advance how many people it might need to accommodate, it would be more reasonable to buy twin beds there instead of a double one. The mattress should have at least 1,000 pocket springs. If the room is small, consider creating storage space under each bed.

The sheets should be made of organic textiles, such as cotton or linen. To recreate the ambiance of the luxury hotel, let the sheets be crispy white. Put two pillows on each bed: a soft and a firm one. Apart from the main duvet in a linen cover, throw an additional blanket at the end of the bed — your guests might need it when it gets cold.

There should be a lamp somewhere close to the headboard of the bed. You can either attach it to the wall or put it on a nightstand. Also, put a bottle of water and a glass there. Try to choose a glass made of high-quality plastic or some other durable material that can not accidentally break into pieces.

Instead of a nightstand, you can opt for a foldable bedside table. When needed, you can easily relocate it to another part of the room or elsewhere.

If the room is spacious enough, you can put a dining, a working or a coffee table there. Organize a refreshment station on it with an electric jug, a selection of tea bags, a sugar bowl, a couple of cups and teaspoons. Buy some nuts, dried fruits and other snacks — preferably, healthy ones and not sweets or fast food.

It would be nice if you put fresh flowers in an elegant vase on the table just before your guests arrive. For lack of flowers, you can put an aroma lamp or diffuser there.

If your guests are planning to work from their room, you should put a chair by the table. If not, buy a cozy armchair with a cushion: your guests can sit there while reading, or calling their relatives, or just relaxing. Even though the guests can access an infinite number of articles and books on their smartphones, it would be nice to put a few printed books and magazines somewhere close to the armchair.

Your guest room might have its own bathroom or you might need to ask people to go to another part of the house to take a shower. In both cases, you should prepare a special basket or tray with toiletries: fluffy white towels, a body wash or a soap, a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

Of course, there should be a closet in the guest room. If you store your own belongings there, make sure to take them out before the guests arrive. Mind that some guests might not want to unpack, so they should be able to put their suitcases inside the closet. A closet with mirrored doors would be an optimal choice.

In case the room is too small for a closet, feel free to buy an inexpensive rail. When it is not used, you can dismantle it and hide it under the bed. Below the rail, you can put cute baskets or boxes for shoes, socks and other similar items.

If there is no space for a closet or rail, buy a compact set of drawers or a console table. Even a wall divider would do if you can hang a couple of hangers and a towel on it. In this case, you should attach a large mirror to the back of the door so that your guests can dress themselves in front of it.

If there is no air conditioning in the room, bring a fan for the warmer months.

Finally, do not forget about power sockets! There should be at least two of them in the room so that your guests could charge their phones and plug in their laptops. Ideally, power sockets should be located close to the bed or the table. Somewhere close to them, you should locate a piece of paper with your home Wi-Fi password on it.

How to Choose a Proper Color Palette

Designers’ opinions are split regarding the color scheme of the guest room. Some recommend the owners of the house to stick to a neutral color palette: to combine beige with ocean blue or to opt for pale pink and lavender accents against a light grey background.

Others say that your guests will be happier if you turn their room into an eccentric boutique hotel. You can decorate it with patterned wallpaper or create a theme for this room, such as the subaquatic world or an Oriental treasure house. Please do not think that themed rooms seem too childish: if your check the popularity of one-of-a-kind boutique hotels on the Internet, you will see that people absolutely adore them!


You do not need to invest a fortune in your guest room interior to follow the recommendations from this article. It would be perfect if you could purchase the furnishing and decor items in a high-end shop, such as Room Service 360. If you prefer to use more affordable alternatives or relocate your old pieces of furniture to this room, make sure they are clean and functional. Your guests should be able to have a good rest and wake up in a good mood the next morning.