Hiring an asphalt paving professional may not be the first thing on your mind when installing a new parking lot or repairing a damaged sidewalk. That’s especially true if you’re a DIY geek with rudimentary experience in asphalt installation. 

However, the benefits of working with an asphalt paving contractor far outweigh any potential drawbacks. 

This article highlights the top five reasons to engage professional services for all your asphalt paving installation and repair needs.

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1. Professionals Save You Time

Asphalt paving takes time. Minor repairs alone may require up to one week to completely seal. You can only imagine how long you’d need to undertake a major installation project. 

Whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or a stay-at-home parent, you may not have the time to undertake asphalt paving jobs by yourself. Your best bet would be to engage a professional contractor. 

Hiring a seasoned asphalt paving Bellevue WA means you don’t have to be around while the contractor works on your parking lot. Simply find a reputable company and discuss the deliverables with them. 

The contractor will visit your property and evaluate the work scope before issuing you a quote. They’ll also indicate the expected project turnaround based on their honest assessment of the work scope. You can flag off the project and let the company handle the rest. 

The time you’d have otherwise spent filling up cracks and repainting a discolored sidewalk can now be invested in other useful activities, such as doing house chores or running business errands. 

Once the contractor completes the project, they’ll invite you for a comprehensive inspection. It’s only then that your physical presence may be required. 

2. Professionals Save You Money

Asphalt paving is one of the most capital-intensive projects. Depending on the amount of work involved, expenses can easily run into hundreds or thousands. 

Hiring a professional asphalt paving contractor may seem economically unrealistic for a frugal property owner with a bit of asphalt installation experience. However, that logic holds little water when you consider everything that could go wrong. 

For starters, your inexperience and financial considerations may make you opt for cheap-quality asphalt materials. Installing substandard asphalt on your parking lot might initially give your property a fresh look. But it won’t be long before the material starts to peel off. 

The fact that you’re not an asphalt specialist might also have you using the wrong equipment for the job. That’s another sure way to goof what could have been an excellent asphalt paving job. 

So, while laying asphalt pavement might save you money initially, your inexperience could cost you in the long run. 

Working with professionals guarantees high-quality pavements and long-lasting results. You may cough up hundreds of dollars for the job, alright? But you’re assured of minimal ongoing maintenance costs. 

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3. Professionals Are Experienced

We’ve just mentioned buying substandard materials and working with the wrong equipment as some of the risks of DIY asphalt installation. Engaging a professional eliminates these pitfalls. 

Seasoned asphalt contractors can easily tell high-quality asphalt from substandard ones, and will insist on the best products for long-term results. Professional asphalt companies will also prioritize advanced equipment that saves time and money. 

More importantly, experienced asphalt paving contractors will bring their expertise to bear during the actual installation process. This eliminates all the guesswork, ensuring your asphalt project is done right at the first attempt. 

The company will first conduct an extensive work site inspection to uncover potential risks. They’ll then bring the necessary tools for the job. These include equipment for surface preparation, excavation, asphalt installation, earth compacting, and painting. 

The end result is a durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh environmental conditions for years. 

Depending on their professional assessment, an asphalt paving contractor may also recommend repairs or overhauls of your parking lot. It takes hands-on experience to make such calls.

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4. Professionals Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Like most building and renovation projects, asphalt installation is subject to various regulatory requirements. The laws vary from one jurisdiction to another. 

In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prescribes stringent guidelines for laying commercial parking lots. 

One such regulation is that designated handicap-accessible parking stalls be properly striped for easy accessibility. Another regulation requires commercial premises to allocate specific spots for handicap-accessible automobiles based on the size and number of parking lots. 

Many average property owners aren’t at par with ADA’s regulatory requirements. As such, DIYers can easily contravene the laid-down guidelines, risking hefty fines and penalties. 

Remember that ignorance is not a defense in the eyes of the law. So, rather than subject yourself to non-compliance penalties, why not work with a professional asphalt paving company? 

Experienced asphalt contractors make it their business to stay current on ADA’s regulations. This allows them to lay your commercial parking lots in a manner that ensures compliance with the law. 

5. Professionals Provide Warranty, and Insurance

The provision of a warranty is yet another benefit of working with an asphalt installation technician. A warranty ensures your parking lot is fully protected against poor workmanship. 

Assume that an asphalt contractor wasn’t diligent enough when sourcing the right materials, and your parking lot begins to peel off a few weeks after having it repaired! You can always use the company’s warranty against them to qualify for free repairs. 

Besides warranties, professional asphalt contractors also possess licenses and insurance. These two can come in handy if other things go wrong during the project. 

A license validates the company’s professional claims. It proves the contractor obtained the relevant asphalt installation training and certification. 

A license can also be useful if you sue the company for poor workmanship or professional negligence, as you’ll then be dealing with a legal entity. 

On the other hand, working with an insured asphalt technician safeguards your other valuables from damage and theft. That’s especially true if the company has liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

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Working with professional asphalt paving companies may set you back financially, depending on the scope of work involved. But it’s worth every penny, considering you’re assured of quality workmanship and long-term results. 

Perhaps the next concern would be finding an experienced contractor for the job. 

At the very least, insist on companies with an impeccable track record. You can vouch for an asphalt paving contractor’s experience by asking for proof of their successfully accomplished projects. Remember to also check online reviews to uncover what previous clients had to say about the company.