Nowadays, most people don’t go to church because they assume that listening to a preacher in a podcast, radio or watching them on YouTube is enough. Then there are those that use all manner of excuses to avoid going to church. Some people actually argue that they have a lot of work to do and so they don’t see the need to dedicate at least two hours in a week to God. By not participating in your local church, you deny yourself an opportunity to grow both spiritually and emotionally.

You may want to consider fellowship with others to experience significant growth. As a Christian, there are various ways of participating in church. For instance, you can support the preachers financially so they can spread the gospel far and wide. You can also use your God given talents such as writing, singing or playing music instruments to the benefit of the church. You can also opt to help the needy in your church or support in church projects such as offering your craftsmanship whenever the church is building a structure somewhere like a community hospital or school. The list is actually endless. Let’s now look at the benefits of getting actively involved in church.

1. Gives you a Sense of Belonging

A church brings people from different backgrounds together to form one family and enjoy the fruits of God’s love for mankind. When you get used to worshipping God with others through prayers and worship, you no longer feel lonely. This is because you share the same objective with other believers; joining the kingdom of God and inherit it after this life. That’s why church members refer to each other as brothers and sisters. Once you start going to church at least once per week, you can see how the environment offers peace like no other. You actually live a more meaningful life by knowing that a greater reward awaits you in heaven.

2. You Get Spiritual Nourishment

Some people fail to grow because they are not nurtured spiritually. Although you can watch preachers on TV, they can’t reach out to you personally. By sharing the word of God with others during church fellowship sessions, your faith is strengthened by understanding what God wants us to do. In other words, it brings you closer by teaching you to appreciate what God does for you every other day. You also understand why things are the way they are and also learn to depend only on God. The good thing is that you can still participate even when you are a member of non-denominational church.

3. Meet new People

This one goes without saying. Being an active member of a church gives you an opportunity to meet people from different walks of life. Such people can be of great help when you need a shoulder to lean on as they regard you as their sibling in the kingdom of God. There are actually some people that met their spouses through participating in church groups. And that’s not all. There are some business partnerships that are founded by people that met in church. After all is said and done, the church is the best place for networking. The other benefit is that you get a chance to nurture your talents such as writing, singing in the choir, playing musical instruments or helping in an administrative role such as serving as the church’s secretary, legal advisor, plumber and so much more.