You will have noticed that during the winter months, the cold and flu season starts.  Research suggests that people are more prone to infection during this period. While the winter season can mean snuggling up in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a movie, we also need to consider taking care of our health during the winter months. This is especially true during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Our health and wellness during a pandemic is so important, but it’s also important during every winter season.

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The winter holidays can mean we experience stress as we focus on family, preparing, and planning gifts. We often forget about taking care of ourselves. Some also experience feelings of low mood, depression, and anxiousness due to the stress or the low light levels during these shorter days.  Finding the motivation can be difficult, which is why below you will find some top tips to help you stay healthy during these cold, dark winter months.

· Add Omega 3 to Your Diet

Omega 3 is a fatty acid, but it’s the healthy type that is naturally found in fish, seeds, and nuts. Increasing your levels of Omega 3 in your diet has a positive impact upon your levels of low mood as suggested by research. Omega 3 also helps reduce stiffness in your joints too.

· Plan your Exercises

It can be difficult to exercise when it’s so cold outside. Planning your exercise schedule in advance will help you keep to your routine.  Sit down at the start of the week and plan on the days you will exercise and what type of exercise you will undertake.  If you exercise to improve a part of your body you don’t like and find it’s not making a difference, you may wish to consult with a specialist to discuss your needs. For example, there are a range of women cosmetic surgeons who will be able to talk you through options you may be considering. This can be of benefit if you are experiencing a low mood due to your unhappiness.

· Reduce your Intake of Carbs

When it comes to the cold winter months, lots of us reach for carbs. This means we choose foods that are high in sugar. It is because our body needs serotonin; it is serotonin that makes us feel happier. It’s best to take a supplement rather than give in to your carb cravings.

· Increase Fiber in your Diet

Fiber can be found in nuts, apples, or whole-grain foods. Eating more fiber in your diet will boost your immune system, help reduce cholesterol, and it also helps your digestive system.  

· Eat More Green Leafy Vegetables

A great way of getting more vitamins and minerals in your body is to increase the amount of green leafy vegetables you eat within your diet. There are so many varieties out there, from kale, spinach, chard, and cabbage. There are plenty of ways to incorporate these into your diet, so check out recipes to help you.

The above tips will help you with your diet and exercise during the cold months. They will help you build up your immune system and deal with issues of low mood you may be experiencing, whether related to the cold weather or how you look.