Chronic stress can be very disturbing and you never know how badly it is affecting your lives. You might be living with stress and turning into a grumpy and easy-to-annoy person because you’re always in stress. Not only this, stress can be the root cause of other health related issues such as high blood pressure, headaches, heart palpitations, and chest pain.

CBD oil offers a natural way to reduce anxiety and stress; though the studies and research are still underway, there are many examples and real-life stories that tell us that CBD is effective if used regularly. In this post we will tell you all you need to know about how CBD oil is good for treating stress.  If you’re looking forward to getting the best CBD oil products at a good price, please visit Health Canal.

CBD for stress

Stress messes with your brain and it causes many changes to the layers of the brain. Due to stress, some regions of the brain become hyperactive and others shrink, the level of the receptors in the brain is also changed and this starts affecting normal body functions. Since your body isn’t designed to go well with these changes you start feeling unwell. In fact, very high levels of stress hormones in the body can cause serious consequences such as heart diseases, fatigue, digestive problems, headaches, weakened immune system, and muscular tension.

A study done in 2010 proved that CBD can help in reducing stress and anxiety related to social activities. According to this study, CBD not only helps reduce anxiety and stress, but also improved the overall behavior in people. There were brain scans done for the participants and it was found that there were changes in the blood flow in those regions of the brain that are associated to stress and anxiety. Another study in 2011 showed that CBD can be helpful in handling SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) especially related to public speaking.

The science behind CBD and stress

The human body contains a lot of receptors that receive signals from various parts of the body as stimuli. When you consume CBD, it interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are present in the peripheral and central nervous systems. There are serotonin levels in the body too and in people who have stress and anxiety, these levels are quite low. CBD also change the levels of serotonin and thus plays an important role in improving mental health.

Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce high as it isn’t psychoactive. Though CBD and THC both are present in the marijuana or hemp plant, they have different properties. This is the reason why CBD is getting more popular because it doesn’t cause high. For this very reason, CBD oil is also being used to treat various health conditions in children.

How to consume CBD oil?

CBD comes in a variety of different forms from candies and gummies to capsules and tinctures. It is also important to choose how you consume CBD oil as it affects the overall health. CBD oil can be used in the form of edibles, syrups, creams, and by vaping too. CBD edibles are very popular and they are available in the form of gummies with different flavors. However, consuming edibles is not a fast method and it doesn’t affect instantly. This is because CBD has to pass through the gastro-intestinal tract too and it takes time.

Vaping offers the quickest method to have the effects of CBD but it is the most harmful too. There are very few medical experts who recommend vaping for acute anxiety situations, but most of them don’t recommend vaping as it can cause inflammation. The oral CBD method is the most popular one and it includes syrups and oils. CBD oil can be used by a dropper which drops the liquid under the tongue. This is an effective method as it allows CBD to stay in the blood for a longer period.

CBD oil is a good choice for those who are suffering from stress and anxiety. There are many good quality CBD oil products available in the market and you must get them from a reliable seller to make sure that CBD treats you well.