It is the 21st century, and while the world makes a discovery every day, we still judge people with mental health conditions. I am not denying that more and more people are talking about it, but there is a huge crowd that still doesn’t agree that mental issues are real. I have collected eight ways through which one can fight mental health stigma I hope it helps you.

Educate everyone on the matter:

Mental health has been the talk of the town for a very long time, but that does not mean that your work is done; it means that the work just started because there are many out there that are still not educated on mental health entirely. 

There are many different ways to spread education regarding mental health. You can talk to people around you, start a support group, ask your friends to share with more and more people, and use the most significant thing you can do on your social media. 

Talk about mental health, how it can be improved, and what measures you can take as a healthy individual. Educating others is an essential task, and every citizen should take responsibility since the suicide rates due to depression and anxiety have been rising day by day.

Talk freely about mental health:

Many individuals don’t like talking about mental health openly because they think it may offend other people, but this doesn’t seem right, one must have the guts to talk about mental health so that awareness can be spread on platforms. 

Many things come under mental health such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and so much more. These things should be discussed openly, people should be told how they can save themselves from these mental conditions, and if they are suffering from anything like this, then that does not make them crazy as there is always a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel. They should not lose hope; the more openly and freely people will talk about mental health, the more it will be normalized. 

Language is important:

It is essential to not use mental health stigmas as adjectives in your language as using it as an adjective as that can be problematic for many different individuals. Still, the best part is that once people explain how usage of such words can hurt feelings or make another person feel inferior, they become understanding and are willing to change their language. 

Furthermore, make sure that you don’t say anything hurtful to anyone suffering from a mental health condition because they are a hundred times more sensitive, so think before you speak and use soft language.

Mental important is as important as physical health:

Many people in this world are not aware of mental health. What comes under it, thus they don’t take it seriously and try to make fun of people that have mental health issues, such people can call them attention seekers or drama queens which can be exceedingly hurtful and wrong but rather than being offended, one has to be healthy and educate such people. 

These people will not be making fun of anyone suffering from heart disease or diabetes. Why make fun of anyone who has a mental condition? It is important to make them understand that it is as real as physical health and must be taken care of before things get bad. 

Be concerned towards those who have a mental illness:

To deal with a mental condition is not easy, so try to show compassion towards people suffering from mental health issues since it is ten times harder for them to function normally. 

You can hug them if they are comfortable with it, you can hear them out, you can listen when they are cranky and one thing you must remember that all of this needs to be done in public so that people see and understand that it is normal and these people are not crazy. 

A simple act of affection can go a long way, especially when a person is suffering, and you never know you may be the reason for someone returning to normal life. 

Talk about treatment:

The biggest way to fight stigma against mental health is to say that going to a therapist or a psychiatrist is normal, or even Inpatient Mental Health services. Why is it so hard for people to accept that they have an appointment with a therapist without the fear of being judged or humiliated, the answer to this is simple. 

We judge and call them crazy if they see a therapist that is wrong and must be changed. A physical issue must be treated by a professional, but a mental shouldn’t? This is where the hypocrisy of the society is visible, and action must be taken against it. 

Fight against self-stigma:

People associate many things with people that are suffering from mental health issues. Hence, you must be courageous and not harbor self-stigma, you must keep fighting by not getting scared or hiding from this world, and you must never be ashamed of what you are feeling. 

Be a productive member of society by volunteering for a productive cause, have life, and show people that having mental health issues does not mean that one cannot do normal life. Take your treatments seriously and work hard for an improvement tomorrow. 

Show support through empowerment and not shame:

All the individuals suffering from mental health conditions must be told that they are fighters that are fighting daily, and they all must live a happy, healthy life with pride. 

One must never be ashamed of their story, and they must know that they need to own what happened to them because when a person suffering from mental health conditions owns what’s happening to them, things can take the right turn.  No one should be able to dictate them on how to live their life, it is their life, and they must make all decisions.

To sum it all, doctors have started recommending CBD products and weed for the treatment of mental health conditions; you can easily buy weed online as great deals are available on sites, but make sure to consult your doctor first. 

Always remember that the strongest warriors get the complicated battles and life is beautiful don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, there is hope for everyone at the end of the tunnel and you will get there too hold tight.