An Apple Watch classic buckle looks great with your outfit. A lot of people think that an Apple Watch is an extension of the iPhone. However, it is a piece of tech that you cannot live without. In addition to the general features of the watch, it also offers features that are good for your health. What about your security? The watch also offers features to protect your privacy.

Let’s learn about some of the security features: 


The watch allows you to set a passcode you can use to unlock it. An Apple Watch locks when you take it off. Just like you unlock your iPhone by entering your passcode, enter the passcode to unlock your watch. If you forget your watch on the dining table, no one can see anything without entering the passcode. 

Find my Apple Watch and Activation Lock 

Suppose someone steals your Apple watch or you lose it. What you need to do is grab your iPhone and open the Apple Watch app. Go to My Watch menu and choose your watch. Tap Find My Apple Watch. Now, you can locate your watch on a map. This feature also enables Lost Mode. If you have lost your iPhone as well, you can go to iCloud and perform the same functions. You can disable Apple Pay cards on the watch by enabling Lost Mode. Therefore, someone cannot misuse your Apple Watch to go on a shopping spree as the Apple Pay app is linked to your bank account. What if someone erases the watch after stealing it? When you mark your Apple Watch lost, it retains the Activation Lock feature. Someone can use your Apple watch only when he knows your Apple ID and password. 

Notification Privacy 

The iPhone raises a notification alert but you are driving and therefore, cannot check your iPhone. However, there is a feature that allows you to see notifications on the watch. However, you are invited to a dinner party and the person sitting next to you may see your notification. You can address this problem with the Notification Privacy feature. When this feature is enabled, the watch does not show notification details. You can tap on the alert to see notification details on the watch. Take the following steps to use this feature: 

  • Unlock your iPhone and open the Apple Watch
  • Choose notification 
  • Find the Notification Privacy setting and turn it on. 

If it is green, the feature is enabled. 

Failed Passcode Attempts 

If your watch is stolen or lost and you want to make sure that the data stored on the watch does not land in wrong hands, you can use the Erase Data option. Take the following steps: 

  • Open the Apple Watch app     
  • Go to the Passcode menu 
  • Enable the Erase Data option 

The Apple Watch’s data is deleted automatically after 10 failed passcode attempts. 

Data Privacy 

The Apple Watch has features that allow you to monitor and track your heart rate. This is data about your health. Therefore, you are most likely to be concerned about this data. Don’t worry, your Apple Watch has got it covered for you. Take the following steps: 

  • Open Apple Watch app 
  • Go to Privacy Menu 

Look for Heart rate and Fitness Tracking. There you will find a slider that allows you to turn it off. Health settings, contacts, analytics and location services are the services that you can activate on your iPhone. The same services can be activated on the Apple Watch that is paired to the iPhone. You can manage these settings by going to the iPhone Setting app and then the Privacy Section. 

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