The average American spends about six hours each week cleaning their houses.

Even putting this many hours into keeping their houses tidy and clean, a third of Americans are worried that their cleaning efforts aren’t enough.

Keeping a clean house is a marathon, not a sprint, but sometimes you just need to clean house fast.

Here are five tips for cleaning fast to help your house look in ship shape in no time.

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  1. Always Clean From Top to Bottom, Left to Right

If you don’t clean from top to bottom, you’ll be doing the opposite of cleaning fast. Dirt, dust, and crumbs are subject to gravity, too, and if you sweep the floors before you wipe off the kitchen table, you’ll just have to sweep again.

It’s also important to work from left to right (or right to left, but just pick one) to ensure that you move through each room as efficiently as possible. This ensures that you’ll clean the entire room, not redundantly cleaning the same area twice while missing something else.

  1. Have a System in Place

One of the most important tips for cleaning fast is that you need to have a system in place.

If you have to reinvent the wheel every time you go to clean the kitchen, it’s going to be an inefficient job. Build habits where you clean the house in the same order of rooms every time. Your speed will result from this system becoming second-nature, rather than a frantic and stressed-out sense of hurry.

  1. Clear Clutter First

Getting clutter out of the way first before starting to clean surfaces is essential. If you’re in a real hurry, you can collect clutter in a laundry basket or box to be sorted later. Only do this if it’s an emergency, though, otherwise, you’ll just end up with the huge job of sorting it all out.

With each object you pick up, consider whether you should put it away or if you should get rid of it.

  1. Get Your Windows Sparkling

Dirty windows can make your whole home feel dirty, no matter how tidy it is. Use a squeegee to obtain a streak-free shine, or hire professionals like Window Agency.

  1. Clean a Little Bit All the Time

Tidying up when you see things out of place, wiping up spills when they happen, and consistent maintenance cleaning can really cut down on how long deep cleaning takes. If you stay on top of the little things, it feels a lot less overwhelming, and cleaning fast will be possible.

If You Learn to Clean House Fast, You Can Significantly Cut Down On Your Cleaning Hours Per Week

There is no best way to clean fast, as you may find some tactics work for you and others don’t. By following these guidelines, though, cleaning house quickly can become the norm.

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