A great pair of shoes can transform your entire life. Not only can the right shoes enhance your personal style, but they can even improve your health. They can protect your knees and spine from unnecessary damage. 

Of course, no one wants to drop over one hundred dollars on a pair of shoes that fall apart in a few months. It’s important to shop around for high-quality shoes made from high-quality materials. Unfortunately, there are far too many cheaply-made shoes that don’t last. 


To find the right high-quality shoes for you, check out the list of the best shoe brands below. 

  1. Running Shoes

If you are looking for running shoes, you should look for the highest-quality ones on the market. These types of shoes see a lot of wear and tear. You need running shoes made of materials that will last. 

The cushioning, flexibility, height, weight, and breathability of these shoes are important factors. According to Runner’s World lab tests, Hoka, New Balance,  and Salomon have three of the top-performing running shoes out there. 

  1. Dress Shoes

The right pair of dress shoes can say a lot about your professional appearance. There are a few tips to finding a high-quality pair to impress your colleagues.

Check that the uppers and soles are stitched, not glued. In terms of leather, look for full-grain leather shoes. These are durable, yet breathable. As a rule of thumb, small batches of shoe models are generally better constructed. 

  1. Sturdy Boots

The construction of sturdy boots should be similar to a nice pair of dress shoes. Make sure everything is stitched together, not glues. Additionally, check the stitching and edges for frays. 

Bend the boots around a bit to make sure they maintain their shape. They should not droop or retain creases. If you can find resoleable boots, you may be able to keep them for generations. It’s definitely worth the investment.

  1. Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes can improve the health of your knees and spine. You can ask a podiatrist for specially made shoes, but there are also some brands out there that have them available. 

Aravon, Arcopedico, and Brooks are some of the brands dedicated to alleviating foot and heel pain. They create specially engineered shoes that are ideal for anyone on their feet a lot.

  1. Designer Shoes

One of the best ways to ensure your shoes are high quality is to shop designer brands. These carry a premium price because they’re made with premium materials, like genuine leather. Items like these Fendi sneakers feature white, black, beige, and brown leather. 

Of course, you will want to protect your designer shoes, especially if they are made of leather. Make sure to avoid water and moisture the leather regularly. 

More of the Best Shoe Brands

The best shoe brands are the ones that produce the highest quality shoes on the market. Usually, you have to pay for quality. A shoe that is too cheap is too good to be true. Make sure to use the tips above when looking for your next pair of shoes.

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