Many people prefer to use gas as a fuel source on their property. Not only is it a clean energy source but is also reliable and cost-efficient. We at WP Plumbing offer a wide range of gas fitting plumbing and gas appliance installation solutions to clients across the region. Sometimes, when homeowners want any gas plumbing in Melbourne done, they are not sure whether plumbers work on gas lines. 

Melbourne Plumbers do work on gas lines; however, you need to look for ones that have the licensing to handle these jobs. A general plumber would not be able to tackle gas-related plumbing works. Here is some information which will help you determine which plumbers to hire for any gas plumbing jobs on your property. 

Drain Pipe Plumbing

Tasks That Licensed Gas Plumbers Handle

As mentioned, not all plumbers have the licensing to handle gas plumbing in Melbourne. But gas fitters they have the necessary licences to undertake various types of gas plumbing projects, and they would be able to: 

  • Install, maintain, repair and replace a range of gas appliances
  • Install, extend or replace gas pipes
  • Relocate gas metres on a property
  • Install gas bottles including gas lines, pigtails, change over valves, regulators and more
  • Install & repair gas flue pipes. These pipes are a vital component in your heating system, promoting healthy and safe household ventilation.
  • Conduct leak testing

Gas Leak Repairs in Melbourne

If you have a gas leak on your property, a licensed gas fitter in Melbourne will visit your home promptly, with all the necessary equipment and tools. They will detect the gas leak accurately and handle the repairs in line with the local codes. This will help improve the reliability of the appliances and the gas pipelines on your property, making them safe for use.

Choose the Licensed Gas Plumbers in Melbourne 

As a homeowner that is particular about the safety of their plumbing systems, you must always hire only licensed gas plumbers like us for all your gas plumbing works. Unlicensed gas works are liable to be fined. We are a leading company in this industry and offer a range of plumbing solutions, including all types of gas fitting in Melbourne projects. 

We can handle jobs of all shapes and sizes and maintain affordable costs. For any more information about our gas plumbing services in Melbourne, please call WP Plumbing at this number (03) 9909 5128; we are available 24/7.