As a busy adult, life can get pretty stressful, and going to your local town pool isn’t exactly the most ideal place to go relax. Your kids have been begging to get a pool forever as well. Now is the time to start thinking about making this a reality.

1. Pools are great exercise for you and your family.

Whether it’s the fact that your kids are stuck inside playing video games all the time, or that you want to get that flat stomach, pools are great for exercise. Many kids and adults around the world enjoy swimming laps, diving, and playing games like water polo. Keeping this in mind, it is a great way to get your family active and healthy.  You can find all kinds of pool toys, from giant floating unicorns to dive sticks.

2. Pools are great for family bonding and quality time.

Think of all the fun and happiness pools create for all ages. Even if you do not enjoy swimming, wading in the pool and tanning on the deck are many of the things that make our summers enjoyable. When your family is swimming in the pool, many of the happy memories you all make will last forever.

3. Pools only take a few months to build.

Depending on what type of pool you decide on, and which pool builder you hire, they only take from about 2 weeks to 75 days. That means that you could be swimming in your very own pool this summer.  Check out this pool builder in Salt Lake City, Utah that is great at helping you design the pool of your dreams!

4. Pools are great for guests.

Barbecues, celebrations, parties, and hanging out with your friends just for fun is much easier with a pool. Many people celebrate summer holidays by the poolside, and having a pool is essential for your July 4th cookout!  Just think of all the pool parties you could be hosting!

5. Pools are easy to maintain.

Pools do not take much work to maintain. This is the thing that holds a lot of people back from getting a pool, but they do not realize that it takes little effort to take care of your swimming pool. Most families are busy and do not have the time for constant care, especially if you love to relax or have kids who keep you occupied. You have to have a weekly pool care routine, but it is very brief, so that you get the most out of your pool.


Many families have at some point thought about finally getting a pool. Most families with children can relate to what I mentioned earlier. Getting a pool will create good fun and memories.