Nowadays, while everybody understands that self-care needs to become an essential part of our lives, knowing where to start and what to do is an impossible challenge. It takes only a few seconds on your favorite social media platforms to realize that the hashtag #selfcare is used to illustrate a variety of situations, most of them are not suitable for everyday life: Relaxing on the sunny deck of a yacht, enjoying an exotic cocktail on a tropical beach, pampering with expensive beauty products, taking private yoga lessons from a famous fitness trainer, reading a book while flying first class over the Atlantic, etc. Instagram self-care is only something we can dream of. But it’s nothing we can reproduce! 

However, self-care doesn’t have to be unachievable. Self-care is about looking after your health, both mental and physical. As such, it needs to be the little things you can do in your everyday life without having to compromise. Believe it or not, but your self-care routine doesn’t need to be time-demanding or expensive. Here are some tips to stay on the happy and healthy side of life: 

Stress happens, but you can find support

Let’s be honest. Not every day is going to be smooth and easy. There will be occasions when you feel that things are getting too much for you to handle. And that is perfectly normal. No self-care routine can eliminate stress from your life. However, you need to include in your self-care habits room for advice and support. We all face situations that seem impossible to manage. But what makes them stressful is the fact that you don’t know how to react. You can try to collect your thoughts through a meditative exercise – Headspace is an excellent app for that. Alternatively, you could head to, which is a treasure of mental health tips, guidance, and support. For all the days when you’re wondering how to let go of a toxic friend or how to shut down your self-hatred inner voice, the handy platform can become your self-care ally! 

Stay hydrated

We’ve all heard it at least once. You should drink plenty of water during the day. But what exactly does water have to do with self-care? It turns out that staying hydrated is the best way to look after your mental and physical health. Water helps your body cleanse toxins, which means that you can flush out impûrities quickly. Additionally, your skin gets to feel clearer from within. Water also plays a significant role in your energy, helping to keep fatigue at bay and starting every day feeling energized and active. Finally, drinking water also reduces stress levels. Dehydration influences your cortisol levels – cortisol is your stress hormone. Staying hydrated can ensure you can deal with everyday issues with a cool head. 

Don’t follow all the trends

Ah, self-care trends are everywhere. You should drink a cup of ginger tea before bed, or you should start a bullet journal to feel more relaxed. The truth is that everybody is different. Why journaling or can help you find relief, it isn’t suitable for everyone.  Perhaps you are going through a difficult time, a chronic and painful illness, intense divorce, or other difficult situation that needs a bit more than self care.  This could mean more than just self-care, such as counseling, antidepressants, etc. Click here to learn more about alternative options.

Being open-minded and exploring new self-care trends is important, as you might stumble upon something that works for you. But remember that your exploratory journey should be in sync with your feelings. For some people, for instance, journaling is time-demanding and stressful because they get too worried about making things look pretty. Don’t force yourself down a path that doesn’t do you any good. Learn to listen to yourself BEFORE you follow trends. 

Have a secret stash of colors

Colors make everything better. While it sounds like the kind of thing you could hear from an enthusiastic toddler who’s just made a mess with finger paints, there is some essential truth about it. Bright colors can help to boost your mood. Adding little splashes of colors to your everyday life can have a fantastic effect on your mood. You can head to to give your wardrobe a subtle pop of color that makes you smile. Don’t be afraid of colors, bright nails, or fun stationery can make a big difference to your day. 

Indulge a little

Everybody deserves a little treat. But treating yourself doesn’t need to go against your self-care routine. You can find plenty of delicious snack recipes such as an iced matcha latte that don’t put your health at risk. You need to find the little comfort snack that keeps you satisfied without loading up unnecessarily large amounts of sugar or fat. It will make every day sweeter! 

What is self-care? Self-care is the act of reminding yourself to love yourself by wearing funky socks, finding support for a stressful issue, or simply sipping on your favorite brew. Don’t believe those who make it look expensive or unachievable. Self-care is how to spend every day of your life.