Youth conferences (often called ‘cons’) can actually provide all those who are involved in it with an enriching experience that they can never forget. Kids get a way to unplug themselves from their monotonous routines and move into a new space where they can not only adapt new skills but also forge new friendships. Regardless of where you plan your youth conference, whether hours away from your hometown or inside your hometown, a well-planned con has the capacity of changing lives. 

With little bit of prior planning, dedication and help from peers, you can create a difference in the lives of youth. No matter you’re planning your first con or your fifteenth; there are few considerations that you need to keep in mind. Here is a youth conference planning guide that you should check out before taking the plunge. 

  • Initiate a committee

The foremost step would be to start a committee that will work for the youth conference that you’re planning. Solicit your neighborhood, church and your social media friends to start a new and strong group that comprises of only fun-loving and dedicated adults who can contribute to the planning process. Several hands will always make light work. Planning a youth conference is something that you should never try alone. Ask the committee members about who would be interested in babysitting the trip.

  • Choose a venue to host the event

Do a quick research on few potential conference venues so that you may have a clear idea on the kinds of places that are available for hosting such a conference. Discuss with the committee members about the best place to host the event after analysing on details like price charged per night, to and fro mileage and the services offered. Once you have these details ready, you can convince parents easily. 

  • Choose an appropriate theme

In order to make the youth conference feel and look more cohesive, you need to choose a theme as without this, there’ll be no excitement among the youth. What is the age group that you’re going to cater to? If they’re kids, you have to think of their favorite shows and what they listen to on their music players. Think of a message that you’re going to convey through the conference. 

  • Plan a budget

In case you are providing your own transport, think of the cost of gas that you may need. Ask your committee to help you with researching on such things through their local resources and use the information to devise a budget for the conference. Could you find someone who could donate for this event?

  • Formulate an agenda for parents

Parents always love to go through the details of what their children will be a part of. Provide them details on the duration, the location, the activities you’ve planned, the climate of the place and several other details so that they find it easier to decide. Tell them what to pack and what to expect for their kids. 

Lastly, make sure you run a background check for all the youth assistants as this is something that you should never assume. Set safety guidelines for safeguarding the children who are traveling with you.