When we account for the missing children statistics across the globe, you will realize that this figure is very high. Countries like Australia, Russia, Canada, India, USA, Spain, Germany are on the top of the list with most number of missing cases. What can you do about that? Well, the truth is- you can’t do anything as you can’t change what is happening. But, you can stay strong from your end. You must keep your entire family safe with your own effort. Let’s explore a few of some child monitoring applications.

Find My Kid

The best child tracking app available in the market for the parents is Find my kids. You can track the real-time location of the kids. You can get the report of the previously visited location. It also offers a geofencing feature which provides automatic updates.

You can restrict the visiting area for kids. You will get an instant notification if they cross that area. It has a special button for security means if they are in danger, they can press that button. You will get notified with their current location and also you can check the activities happening in their surroundings.

It is available for both the Android and IOS platforms. Its app usage statistics feature allows you to limit the use of applications where you kids are spending their most of the time. 


Locategy app is developed by the developers to make the parents stress free. This app is available with several features like location tracking, screen monitoring, and web filtering. You can set the time limit for phone usage and can schedule alarm.

Screen monitoring can be used to restrict them from using mobile during school or homework time. You have the right to block the app and websites from the kid’s mobile. Even you can restrict the content on websites and monitor call, SMS from their phone.

Live location of them can be tracked along with the geofencing feature. Geo-fencing means you will get updates about their location automatically. You do not need to check manually every time. You can get the record of the previous 4 days location history. You will get an update once the kid crosses the restricted area.

mSpy Android Parental Control

mSypy is one of the most popular parental control applications. It is famous because of its user-friendly interface and easy installation process. It allows you to monitor your kid’s mobile remotely without asking them to give their mobile.

You can check their messages, calls, and contacts from your own device. Even if you are eligible to check out social media activities. You will have access to their phone’s gallery-like pictures, videos or other saved media. Like other tracking applications, you will get the live location of your kid along with the geofencing feature.

It is available for different platforms – Android, IOS, Mac and Windows. It is quite expensive for some users as it costs £12.49 per month.

ESET Parental Control Android

ESET parental control application is designed for the parents who are looking for an app to track their kid’s activities. Here their search gets completed and no more worries for their kid’s security. You will get all the required features within a single application.

It allows you to get the live location of your child and allows you to have complete control over the mobile application. Web filtering enables you to block unwanted or unsecured website from their mobile. Also, you can check their online activities by setting internet filtering.

You can send a message remotely from the app. But it is available only for the Android platform and costs you £19.99 annually.

Family Time

According to the name Family Time, this app is announced for the security of the family. You can check each other’s live location. It has an attractive option of pickup of kid. It supports app blocking, SOS or geofencing feature.

It is quite expensive than others and cannot be accessed from Windows or Mac. Rest it is available for both platforms – Android, IOS. It does not support web-filtering to restrict unwanted websites from kid’s mobile.

Well, don’t wait too long. The whole world is running very fast. If you want to stand tall among them, download any of these apps and work with free mind as it will take care of your family’s safety. 


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