Each memory you make is a new chapter etched onto your life and you’re going to want to remember every page. The problem is that as new memories are made, sometimes we forget the old ones. Either our memory banks get full or they slip away with age.

There are little tricks that can help you retain all of your important memories. It’s hard to forget things if you’ve written them down for instance.

Don’t worry, that’s not the only method if you’re not a fan of writing.  Keep reading for more ways on how to remember things all your life.

1. Use Visuals

You’re more likely to remember something if you visualize pictures in your head rather than using words. This is true for multiple reasons. For one, most people are more visual thinkers. For two, the more senses you use, the more likely you’ll remember something. 

For example, say you have to turn in a college paper to Turnitin by 10 AM or your grade will be a 0. So you don’t forget you may visualize a laptop, a stack of papers, or an alarm clock that reads 10 AM. Whatever you do, make sure the picture is as clear as possible in your mind. 

2. Work With Names

Say you’re going to a get together at a friend’s place and you’re given 6 different new names at once. Chances are, the next time you greet one of those 6 people you would have already forgotten their names. 

Remembering who was at the get together is an essential part of keeping the event in your mind. The trick to keeping their name in your head is to associate something with them. 

So if you’re introduced to a man named Mike and you know he drove a Mazda to the event you can lump the two together. Mike will equal Mazda. 

3. Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative to keep a memory alive. You can get one of your children’s drawings turned into jewelry, you could paint a quote that you really love on your wall. 

If you want to be able to hold onto memories of a loved one who has passed you can get keepsake urns. Put a small amount of ashes in the urns and put them in places where you used to spend a lot of time with the person. 

4. Keep Your Mind Active 

You’ll need to keep your brain active if you want to be able to hold on to your memories as you age. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit and do crosswords for your entire life. There are a ton of fun things that you can do. 

You could learn to play an instrument. Remembering notes and reading music can keep the mind sharp. Even doing something as small as trying out new foods can stimulate your other senses and get your mind going.   

5. Make Things Easier On Yourself 

You need to challenge your brain but don’t need to do it unnecessarily. You shouldn’t have to use a ton of thought on the small stuff like your daughter’s birthday or where you put your wallet last. 

That’s where the organization comes in. Keep planners and calenders around that have important dates on them. Have one drawer or table at home where you keep stuff like your wallet and keys. 

When you don’t have to think about these things then that frees up space in your mind for the stuff that can’t be written down or placed on a keyring.  

6. Repetition is Key  

One way to remember new information is to beat into your head until it’s stuck there. Okay, don’t literally beat it into your head but do repeat it.  Like if you’re given someone’s name, take that opportunity to use their name in the next few sentences you say somehow. 

If you mix up your routine and place your keys in your purse instead of on the keyring tell yourself that you did that a few times out loud. If you miss a piece of information that someone tells you then don’t think twice about having them repeat themselves. 

7. Tell Stories 

People have been passing down stories since the dawn of time. It was the only way to do it for a while until books were a thing and it’s still something we do today. 

Not only is sitting around telling stories a fun way to spend an afternoon with family and friends but it’s a good way to bring old memories back to the surface. 

8. Write Things Down in a Journal 

If you’re a little shy about sharing your memories or there are some that you would rather keep to yourself that’s okay. You can write them down in a  journal instead. 

You’ll be able to relive your memories twice. Once when you write them down and a second time if you go back and read the book. 

How to Remember Things and Help Your Memories Last a Lifetime

Our memories are the story of our lives. There is no way you want to let some of your important ones slip through the cracks to be forgotten.

If you follow some of these steps on how to remember things you’re sure to keep all your memories where they belong. In your head. Don’t let a single second pass you by. 

Some of the most precious memories you will make is with your family. Check out our blog daily for new ways to spend time with the ones you care about most.