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Many organisations have been formed in Australia to help people in meeting their needs. Most of them are either governmental or non-governmental organisations which depend on grants from well-wishers. yourtown Australia is one of these groups which relies on the community for its operation and delivery of its mission.

Get Acquainted with yourtown

“yourtown” is a non-governmental organisation which aims at youth empowerment. Young people are prepared for a better future by assisting them to learn skills, get jobs, become responsible parents and live a happier and safer life.

The organisation was founded in 1961 and is currently headed by Tracy Adams. The charity has been handling cases of unemployment, mental health, family and domestic violence. Their main objective is to be part of the solution for the younger generation by service delivery which yields tangible results as both local and national level. Kids Helpline, teaching and offering employment services for the youths, parenting training and family refuges are some of the missions that the organisation seeks to fulfil.

Their Work

Young people can contact yourtown if their need a listening, understanding and encouraging organisation which has once core aim; making their lives better. The yourtown team comprises compassionate people who are ready to offer solutions to the young generation and help positively impact their lives. Here are some of the services that you can expect to get from the organisation.

1. Preparing Young People for the Future

Technology is fast changing, and this is bringing about a revolution in the employment sector. The youth need to be ready by undertaking careers which are targeted for the future changes to ensure that they stay relevant in the job market.  yourtown prepares the young people by providing future-oriented skills which do not only offer them employment but ensure that they have long-term sight in their careers.

2. Helping in Self-actualisation

Many young people are in the stage of learning, and they may not have discovered their strengths, weaknesses or talents. The professional team at yourtown helps the young realise their capabilities and how to handle their weaknesses.

3. Avoidance and Substance Abuse Recovery

The young people are the most vulnerable group in being swayed away by negative peer influence. yourtown provides useful information which can help youths recover from drug addiction or avoid the temptation of trying them. The counselling given to the young people help them to face life from a more positive perspective.

Willing to Support yourtown?

Since the community funds the organisation, you can be part of this worthy cause by donating, volunteering, purchasing their books, being a regular giver, or hosting an event that benefits the organisation. yourtown is also running a lottery where participants can win either a home or a luxury car. You can buy a ticket for the yourtown home lottery where you stand a chance to win a prize home, as a way of supporting the programme.


This article comes courtesy of yourtown, an organization which has proudly provided compassion, education, and understanding for young people in Australia.