Our likes for the type of coffee that we drink are so strong that sometimes we close our eyes to any other alternatives.  If you are a fan of one type coffee, the belief that it is better than any other type of coffee can be so deeply entrenched in your mind you would simply keep away from discussing anything else even from the same brand.  

Despite knowing that a coffee capsule is no match to the flavor obtained from freshly ground coffee beans, perhaps the convenience of preparing readymade coffee in a moment is the biggest attraction. However, it helps to know about the good and bad of the types of coffee that are commercially available so that for a change you can at least try out something new.


Coffee capsules

Coffee machines can use some specific type of coffee capsules such as k-cups, and it is important to check its compatibility with the machine. Ideally, every coffee machine design takes into consideration one particular kind of coffee beans, and to make use of some other types of capsules, you must first ensure that it is compatible with the machine.  Coffee capsules are available in three varieties – originals, bootlegs, and compatibles which resemble the same quality but belong to a different brand. The compatibles give you numerous options by opening up a world of possibilities.

Easy availability in stores and online outlets is the biggest attraction of coffee capsules that suit the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle. Just putting a pod into the machine and pressing a button to see the magic of a cream-filled coffee cup prepared in an instant is a delight for those who are either lazy or do not have the luxury to devote more time for coffee making.

Coffee beans

Coffee beans are quite different from coffee capsules in many ways. Cost is the most distinct factor that differentiates the two because the price of coffee beans is just a fraction of the cost of instant coffee. Instant coffee undergoes various stages of processing to reach the finished form and coffee beans go through almost half of the processes only. However, the freshness and amazing aroma of fresh coffee beans are simply one of its kinds that any coffee aficionado would fall in love with.  In addition, you can select your preference from the type of roast- light, medium or dark and even adjust the caffeine content to suit you.

Instant coffee

Cost is the biggest reason for the love for instant coffee followed by the convenience of preparing it. However, there might be a question about its authenticity because often you might discover chicory in coffee tins, which gives instant coffee a bad name. Spray dried is one of the types of instant coffee with freeze-dried being another and the different textures of the two make it easily distinguishable. Spray dried instant coffee is highly brittle but freeze dried is quite solid and does not crush when pressed with the fingers.

The long shelf life of instant coffee provides more justification for choosing it.