This post is sponsored by Havenly; all opinions are my own.

Now that my kids are getting older, we have been updating our spaces little by little.  What used to be play spaces taken over by toddler toys have started to evolve.  But as much as I am excited to give my home an overhaul, I am not quite sure where to start.  There are so many elements when it comes to designing a space, from curtains to rugs, pillows to furniture, and I have trouble forming a focused plan.

It is hard to find resources when it comes to designing my spaces, other than asking for advice from friends.  When I ask around for ideas, I always get such an eclectic range of suggestions. I know what I like, but I am not always the most creative, and I find myself getting frustrated when I am trying to figure out how to design things at home.

Havenly is the perfect resource for designing a space, whether you need a little bit of design inspiration or you are looking to completely overhaul a space.


Not only can you get advice on the size of your project, but the pricing is dependent on the service you choose.  Sometimes it is the small details that I get hung up on, and it is amazing how much little accents can change a room.  Havenly designers can provide what you need, even if it is picking out the perfect rug or a piece of furniture.

With Havenly, you can choose your design preferences so that the designer knows what your style is, and not have to worry that they will come up with something completely outside of your design styles.  It is nice to have the confidence in the Havenly process so that you get the room style you are looking for.  Without a doubt, when I ask friends or family for ideas on decorating, I get such a variety of ideas that there is no way for me to go with a cohesive look, and that is where the Havenly designer comes in.

Just browsing the designs on the Havenly website that have been created, I love these looks.  From nurseries to dining rooms, I am impressed with the final products.

Havenly Bedroom

Once your Havenly designer comes up with a design, the items are available for purchase so that your space can come together right away.  Even browsing the Havenly website and checking out some of the designs that have been created, it shows you the items in the rooms so that you can purchase those.  Since I am not great at coming up with my own designs, I love browsing the Real Projects section and seeing some of the final designs.


The Havenly service takes into account your budget, from the design process to your purchasing budget.  It is great to have a service available that works for a range of budgets and needs.

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