Holistic dentistry has emerged over the past decade, and it adopts a holistic approach, in as much as oral health is a component of physical and mental well-being. There is a lot of discussion with holistic and mainstream dentists regarding the effectiveness of the holistic approach, which aims to focus on promoting good health and well-being, rather that curing diseases. The holistic dentist is similar to a regular dentist in many respects, yet the holistic dentist is concerned about how dental issues are interconnected with a person’s overall health and well-being. Holistic dentistry could be grouped under the alternative medicine category, as the focus in on natural treatments wherever possible, as with toxic elements, such as amalgam fillings, which contain mercury.


Anti-Amalgam Fillings

The metal fillings we have used for so many years actually contain mercury, which is used to bond the tin and zinc to form a durable material that is suitable to be used as a tooth filling. There is no hard evidence that amalgam fillings pose a threat to your health, but we do know that mercury is a very toxic heavy metal, and for that reason, many people have decided to have their amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite white fillings.

Holistic Dental Principles

Holistic dentistry promotes the following principles:

  • Correct nutrition for the prevention and reversal of dental disease.
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxic dental products.
  • Prevention and treatment of dental bite problems.
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease.

The treatment and practices of a holistic dentist can widely vary, and while they all follow the above principles, there are differing views on effective treatments. If you are in need of an emergency dentist Brisbane people rely on and who is also a holistic dentist at the same time, an online search will bring up a list of emergency clinics, and there might be one that practices holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentists believe there is a connection between a person’s general health and their oral health, with the emphasis on using non-toxic materials when treating patients. You could say that the holistic dentist is more concerned with the underlying cause of a dental issue, and uses this information to formulate a treatment plan.

Root Canal Treatment

Some holistic dentists believe that root canal treatment can cause the dispersal of trapped dental bacteria to the body, and for that reason, they are opposed to root canal treatment. There has been a general shift away from modern medicine that uses drugs to combat disease, and over the past couple of decades, Eastern traditional medicine has become more popular in the west.

Water Fluoridation

Many holistic dentists are against putting fluoride in the water supply, and some would not recommend toothpaste that contains fluoride as there are potential health risks that are discussed, and ethical concerns. However, the dental health benefits of fluoride in water uk water systems, and other countries, include the prevention of tooth decay, and growth of harmful oral bacteria. Water fluoridation is also deemed an effective and safe process by the World Health Organization, and is a cost-effective solution for communities. 


Whether you prefer to see a regular or a holistic dentist, you should adopt best oral hygiene practices, and with regular brushing and flossing and twice yearly dental check-ups, your oral health will be good. If you need a recommendation, schedule an appointment with the dentist in Nashville to get started.