It is the 21st century and change is in the air. Over the years, many things have changed – from the way we shop, dress to the way we use our phones and also our daily endearment. It’s time to challenge the age-old beliefs and make space for the new ones. So, if you always thought that men don’t like or want gifts, probably you would want to give that thought or idea second thought. The truth is we are humans; man or woman, everyone wants to feel pampered. Everyone wants to feel special by their loved ones!

ribbon gift

Don’t walk the generic path of flowers and chocolates to make your man feel loved! With new ideas venturing into the market, let’s look at new ways to gift a man when he is unwell or it is a special occasion. Today, companies are specializing in gift boxes and packages that look unique and creative. They have given an interesting twist to the conventional art of gifting.

Some gift ideas for men are as follows:

  • The funny get well soon basket

No one wants to keep feeling morose when they are sick. People want to go beyond the “Get well soon” tag. A funny and quirky get well soon basket is the best choice for men who have a sense of humor. You can fill this basket with some fun ideas, from gag gifts to funny movies.

  • The magazine gift basket

Reading has its therapeutic benefits! And while lying unwell in bed, most men want to divert their attention to something interesting. Hence, books are the best choice. You can fill in your basket with an assortment of magazines, fiction, and non-fiction books. Add a flask and other interesting accessories, and perhaps a notebook so that he can pen down his thoughts.

  • The handyman gift basket

Who doesn’t like a set of useful tools that will help to stay organized and on top of everything?

The handyman gift basket will be a thoughtful present for your dad, brother, or partner on any occasion. This basket can include as many items as you can possibly think, that might come in handy for your dad. You can give it a unique touch and add all the necessary tools you can think of, and to keep all the needed stuff together and add some sense of control you can add the key organizer, which will not only keep the keys together but provide you with a vast variety of other functions.

  • The gym bag gift basket

If your man is a fitness enthusiast, you can use that aspect in a gift box. It will help him feel good. Also, he will feel hopeful about his recovery and look forward to joining the gym at the earliest. Include accessories like wrist and arm brands, cap, water bottle, headband and put it all in a gym bag. Get some nice music tracks recorded in a pen drive that he can listen to while working out. Also, if there’s any fitness expert he admires, get the latest work-out DVD of that trainer and add it.

You can always experiment with conventional gifting ideas. It makes gifts unique and special. Also, it breaks the monotony and makes your man feel hopeful about the recovery.