As my kids get older, homework and studies increase with each new grade in school. This year, my daughter has had a lot more school work, and it is nice to have some tools outside of school to help supplement your learning.  While I try to help when I can, it is increasingly difficult to do so between time constraints and being up to date on the topics.  As much as I try to sit down and help one-on-one, I don’t always know the topics or even have the time to dedicate to help.

We have been using as many resources as possible to aid in school studies, and StudyPug is an online tool for study help with a variety of topics, including math and science (such as chemistry and physics). This allows for me to provide the kids with a way to support their school studies.

Signing up at StudyPug is easy, and once you create an account, you can browse through different topics and levels.

For middle school math, we have been using their basic math skills section, and there are so many subtopics to explore.

You can choose from a wide variety of topics and levels.  It is easy to create and account and log on to access many different teaching aids.  The interface is easy to use and navigate through the different parts of the website.  


There are lots of great learning tools on the website, from written information to videos.  The videos present the information just like if you were listening to a teacher in class, and it’s nice to watch the videos and then be able to use those techniques.

Once you have reviewed a topic, you can put it to practice and check your work.  The site helps you through your problems and tracks what you have been working on.

Everything is user-friendly, and keeps track of your progress.  I think this is a great motivator for kids and encourages them in their studies.


StudyPug is a great way to use study aids and get better grades.  As a parent, it is great to have the peace of mind that we have math and science resources that we can rely on at any time.

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This post is sponsored by StudyPug; all opinions are my own.