In survey of WHO described that India is the most depressed country in world which leads to huge number of suicide cases by effecting with deep depression. Unfortunately it mostly said by the people who are in overcome of depression. It mainly impacts the brain and effect on body parts which may causes dizziness headache and sleep disturbance. We can easily identify the people who are in that position by their behaviour while in a public group. Although we have some rehabilitation centres which conducted by NGOS along with help of government and having helpline too. Coming to different type of peoples like students employees housewives even though school going children also taking depression on their mind and not having an idea to get down from it.

What is depression? This question may rise in everyone’s mind among 100 people in a public we can find 40% of them were in depression due their personal life and in workplace. In modern epidemic people mostly who are working in different sectors are experiencing with chronic work stress and having pressure from high authorities and from co-workers and lots of criticism. Sometimes they have high expectations on them, while doesn’t reach that perfection automatically the body generates powerful stress you may start to feel downhearted along with frustration.

Depression and anxiety having a common medicine which is relaxing with peaceful mind having medication with dedication.


10 practical ways to overcome depression

  • Consulting a Physician

If you are feeling like you might be in depressed first of all you need your family support to get down or otherwise you may consult a physician and start having a treatment. Visit Curran Counselling and Consulting for individual and group counselling.

Mostly people recommend to consult with practitioner is that there are several health conditions like hormonal imbalance deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In some cases we observe with blood samples and thyroid test which can cause symptoms that you’re in depression. In some critical cases they ask you to do some Diagnostic Tests.

  • Blood count
  • Thyroid check
  • Calcium levels
  • Fasting blood results
  • Liver and kidney function check

They may ask you about your daily living style which related to depression. By getting those results they start your the treatment with giving counselling and medicines. Mostly physician’s first step is they try to give various types of counselling to come out from sadness. Some cases you may be emotional and it will be little bit clear from your mind. Psychiatrists have technical training and expertise will give treatment by medication to cure mental illness with help of talking therapy. A combination of two treatments will be the best way to overcome depression.

  • Eat Healthy

Coming into diet plan there is no specific diet to prevent illness from depression. But still in medical terminology given some food to put them in better mood by giving healthy diet treatment. In your body Antioxidants plays major role to prevent cells damage. Molecules called free radicals normally make our bodies very easy to cell damage aging and other health problems. Experts says to your brain is at risk when your in depression and there is no other way to control free radicals.

  • Having Vitamin E: Need to take nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and whole grams.
  • Having Vitamin C: Intake healthy rich food as blueberries, strawberries, tomato, kiwi, oranges, grapes and pepper potatoes.
  • Having Vitamin D: It is important to help in the fight against depression. We can take through early morning sunset by directly or otherwise through capsules.
  • Beta carotene : Apricots, broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, collards.
  • Rich protein food like turkey, tuna, and chicken will have amino acids have tryptophan which may help to make serotonin.

In your routine food you can include soya milk, cheese, poultry, and sea food.  We need to try taking some proteins in daily and something like dark chocolate it changes your mood from slim depression and boost up  your energy levels.

  • Exercise Regularly

You can do exercise in many ways to destroy depression or mental illness in your body. Social support is most important for those who are in depressed can join group of exercise are you can do with your friends or life partner in this way can share your ideas and improve talking skills and feel free to be a normal person. By doing this physical activity and emotional comfort  knowing that others are supportive of you at illness condition Endorphins are best for counteracting stress which exercise creates distraction by getting your blood endorphin flowing will make you happier.

Best exercise for avoid depression

  • Jogging
  • Skipping
  • Swimming
  • Doing yoga
  • Gardening
  • Housekeeping
  • Playing
  • Dancing
  • Running

By doing all these you can control blood pressure, reduce body fat, increases your energy levels with strengthen of your heart. Looks like fix with relaxation mind and give you more change from previous.

  • Home Remedies

In depression people prefer non-drug to manage their condition to feel better with some home remedies. You can use some of home remedies to prevent illness such as oil massaging to body and get relaxing with pleasant mind without of thinking. You can keep you busy in daily term to avoid depression. No other treatment won’t work you without your cooperation to defeat depression. Your life style should be change in moment for relaxation. In other countries they mostly go for therapies to control depression. We have some therapy ideas which work on your body to cure mental illness.

  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Relaxation
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Chiropractic treatments


  • CBD Oil

CBD is natural oil which generates from cannabis plant and used for several health treatment. Cannabidiol exacts only from cannabis and also prevents depression. This chemical compound may find in hemp plants also and cannabinoids produce as endocannabinoids. CBD is a phytocannabinoid for regulation of central nerves system. This oil can be purchased legally in United countries only and available if various forms such as capsules, sprays, tinctures and some more. When you use CBD oil it involves into the body and change functions like mood, pain and sleep and useful to binding to point of brain cells called receptors. Serotonin acts to improve and reduce stress condition to a normal change.

  • Sleep well

Sleeping also plays a major part in life of depression. Having 8 hours sleep is compulsory to everyone’s life. When we were in depression it was hard to sleep and deactivate brain leads to get stress automatically. The fresh mind is able to solve problems and suggest solutions to everyone. If you don’t sleep properly it may leads to typical health issues such as migraine and starts with headache.

  • Talk to others

Prevention of another way to depression or mental illness is communication with others gives the best result to overcome from depression. When we are depressed we won’t show interest talk with others and our behaviour was bit different at depression period. Exactly at this time we need to share our thoughts and need mingle with people will get down from illness. Maintaining relationship with family and parenthood is the best part in depression. We can do some activities with others to break the cycle of depression.

  • Discover about your self

In this phase only you need to find you’re at depression position. Experts say in a survey people who are depressed they won’t think about their self wasting the time by enlarging other extra actives which leads to get in depressed. On a certain situation you to be motive yourselves or otherwise need consult the physiatrist to cure the mental illness. Need to participate to be enjoying yourselves to create your own time for relaxing. Schedule your timings to spend with your partner or kids and plan to visit your favourite place and you’ve always want to be explore the wisdom. If you plan like this you may avoid stress and all from depression stage and boost up yourself with positive attitude.

  • Say no to liquor

We find depression people easily who is having alcohol and liquor in huge quantity and they says we were depressed. Alcohols also have negative impact on body when we were in depression. The major issue taking liquor leads to paralysis when you’re in depression. For these only we have some rehabilitation centres which conducted by NGOS along with help of government. Not only taking alcohol smoking is also impacts the body at illness situation. These both plays create major problems to health condition when you’re in depression. When you addict to those kinds we can seriously approach a counsellor to avoid them in certain period.