Hibernate With Me was recently released on February 12, 2019.  Both a hardcover children’s book and song, this lovely book is written (and sung) by Benjamin Scheuer, and illustrated by Jemima Williams.

Hibernate with Me book

The words were inspired by Scheuer’s wife, who was going through a hard time adjusting to a difficult situation.  The song and book are meant to comfort your child (or anyone else) when having a hard time.

The book is so peaceful and really does put you at ease, offering compassion and encouragement, and letting you know that your loved one is there for you.

Hibernate with Me has beautiful illustrations that bring the positive messages to the life. This is a story your children can enjoy over and over, and makes for a great book to read together and enjoy along with the song as well.

Hibernate with Me

Benjamin Scheuer is an accomplished artist and playwright, including his solo show THE LION, and is working on his fourth solo album.

You can watch the Hibernate with Me video here:

Check out Hibernate with Me at https://benjaminscheuer.com/