Three years ago, I took a DNA test through AncestryDNA. I was excited to learn my results, and decided I would also like to try a 23andMe test to see if I might have more ancestry matches, plus I can learn about my health as well.

I was thrilled to receive a 23andMe test for my birthday this year. The test-taking process is very easy, and very similar to AncestryDNA.

I first registered at 23andMe, creating an account, and scanning the barcode on the kit to be able to track my results.

The next step was collecting my saliva sample, which is very easy, and the instructions make it simple. The test-taking process seems to be the same as AncestryDNA, as far as gathering a saliva sample and mailing it in.

The whole process only took a few minutes, and I didn’t have any issues with any of the steps. It was nice to be able to do it so quickly. I put the pre-paid, addressed mailer in my mailbox, and now I wait!

I put my test in the mailbox the day after my birthday, and have been checking for updates. I was excited to see my kit has been received!

Stay tuned for my results!

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You can check out 23andMe here (and get 10% off with my link):