Last summer, we decided to go on a road trip to check out as many waterfalls in Vermont as we could. After visiting the famous Warren Falls in Warren, VT, we headed to Waitsfield, to see the Lareau Swimming Hole.

​​​​​​​The park and swimming hole are located off Route 100 at the Lareau Park.

There are lots of nice grassy areas and a sandy beach area. It also seemed that there was a good amount of parking and a porta-potty.

The grassy areas are nice for playing frisbee, picnicking, etc.

We headed over to the water, which runs parallel to the grassy area.

It’s nice because you can wade into the water, and there were a lot of different age kids enjoying the water. You can climb up on rocks and jump into deeper parts of the water.

We visited in late August, so I am guessing that the water levels were pretty low compared to spring and early summer.

Lareau Park has a very relaxed vibe and is great for all ages. We have been to some swimming holes that are a little crazy, between tricky footing, deep water or adrenaline-inducing jumping platforms, and this place is much more kid-friendly. Don’t get me wrong – my kids love a good adrenaline rush! But it’s nice to have places where the kids can wade or relax in a tube.

I recommend “Waterfalls of New England”, which was a great resource this summer, and helped us on our journey to see lots of waterfalls and swimming areas. While there isn’t a true waterfall that I know of at Lareau Park, it is a nice spot to swim.

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