Having a baby and entering motherhood is a roller-coaster life for every mother. At one moment, it brings you immense joy, emotions, and excitement and you cannot help but marvel at the miracle that your body is capable of pulling off. However, on the flip side it takes a significant toll on your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Many women end up losing their confidence after their pregnancies. For one, their life is no more the same, and their social lives often come to a halt. The feeling of body negativity tops the paradigm shift in their lives, the sleep deprivation, and the constant struggles juggling with the responsibilities. Stretch marks, loose and saggy skin, unwanted weight and out of shape body add to the confidence issues, and most women feel uncomfortable going back in their social circles even when they have time because they no more fit in their skinny jeans.

Unfortunately, many women believe that it is all over after the baby and you can never get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. With the right kind of lifestyle habits and with the help of some smart techniques, you can quickly get back to your old and young self and fall in love with yourself again.


The breastfeeding versus formula debate has been around for a while, but this not about the baby here. It is about the benefits that breastfeeding brings to your body. There have been tried and tested accounts of women who swear by the fact that natural breastfeeding, especially in the initial months, helped them shed their pregnancy weight real quick. This is because all your food intake now turns into milk for your baby’s consumption. If you are already breastfeeding, know that it will make you feel hungry and you might feel compelled to eat more than you should. Do not fall prey to what your body is telling you to eat.

Eat Smart

It is true that giving in to your body signals and eating unhealthy or excessively can be bad for your body. However, it does not mean that you starve yourself or go on crash diets. Remember that your body needs the energy to help you keep going and it needs more power than you otherwise do. However, you need to learn to eat smart. Add more protein to your diet and cut down on sugar, carbs, and fats. Eat healthily and eat clean but make sure you eat correctly. Instead of eating all at once, eat in small portions and eat every two hours so that your tummy remains filled. Add more foods that are filling yet not fattening.

Weight Loss Pills

It is as if you are not getting the time and energy to work out after your baby. However, other supplements can catalyze your weight loss. Although it is generally believed that most weight loss supplements are a scam, there is a whole list of diet pills that work. Using these pills is same as using other supplements that you use for improving your skin, hair and other body grooming. These supplements are safe to use, and you can consult your physician t