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We have two guinea pigs in our household, so we go through a bunch of guinea pig food.  We provide our piggies with fresh veggies and hay, but we always make sure that they have pellets available.  We recently tried CareFresh Complete Guinea Pig Food, which has a variety of nutrients as well as fruits and vegetables.

CareFresh Complete Guinea Pig Food is naturally nutritious and provides a complete daily guinea pig diet. It’s packed with 10 real fruits and vegetables, including delicious chunks of carrots, apples, bananas, papaya and zucchini for a farmer’s garden variety of wholesome foods. Mixed with alfalfa meal, whole peas and corn, this colorful assortment of crunchy bites encourages your guinea pig’s natural desire to forage. This healthy blend contains no artificial colors or flavors so your pet can enjoy only the best nutrition. (chewy.com)

This guinea pig food comes in a 4.5 lb resealable bag. We keep the guinea pig’s food bowls filled so that they can forage during the day.

Carefresh Guinea Pig Food

Normally, their food usually consists of just pellets, but this has a variety of dried fruits and veggies added.  I appreciate that this product has no artificial flavors or artificial colors, as we are careful about what we feed our pets and want them to have a healthy diet.

Carefresh Complete Guinea Pig Food Chewy

Both our guinea pigs, Nutmeg and Lavender, seem to like this food.  The kids each have a bag so that they can refill their guinea pig’s bowls as needed.  It’s convenient to be able to order from Chewy.com, because it saves me many trips to the pet store, especially when the kids tend to tell me when their piggies are almost out of food!  Our orders always arrive quickly, and with our busy schedule, I save time and money by not having to run to the store all the time.

Carefresh Guinea Pig Food Chewy

Check out Carefresh Guinea Pig Food at Chewy.com.  And don’t forget they have lots of other pet products, from fish to horses, and they even have pet medicines!