I received a Pop It Pal in exchange for our honest review.

My daughter has been talking about getting a Pop It Pal lately, and at first I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.  She quickly informed me about this new product that mimics pimple popping!

When ours arrived, it was carefully packaged and ready to go – filled, and with a backup refill.

Pop It Pal

I like that the Pop It Pal comes filled, so that you can use it right away without any prep work.

Pop it Pal

The Pop It Pal is a block of silicone, with various holes where you squeeze out the imitation pus.  Yes, really!  Needless to say, this toy is not for the faint of heart.  If you are easily grossed out, this is not for you!

Pop It Pal

The kids immediately wanted to use the Pop It Pal.  My daughter got to work, squeezing each “pimple” and successfully doing so.  There is something satisfying about it, and also gross.  I was fascinated and my stomach was churning at the same time.

Pop It Pal

Once the Pop It Pal is empty, you can refill it.  Simply heat up the refill and use the refilling tool to fill up each compartment.

The kids had so much fun with the Pop It Pal, squeezing the “pimples” to their heart’s content!  The “pus” is all natural and is actually similar to a lip balm, so it’s safe and actually good for your skin.  The kids have also had fun sharing this little toy with their friends, and even grossing out their grandparents!


Check out this video of the Pop It Pal in action!

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