The Best Hair Thickening Product For Restoring Your Hair

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Thinning hair can be frustrating. It can sap your confidence, add to your self-doubt, and above all else, make you want to hide in your house and never leave. You’re probably embarrassed by your thinning hair and find it impossible to look your best when your hair is in bad condition. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are several treatments that you can use, from hair fibers to special shampoos. Here’s a comprehensive guide to them, straight from the experts at

Hair Building Fibers

Have you heard about these fibers? They cling to your existing hair, making it look thicker. These fibers, such as the ones offered by, can do wonders. They’re made from keratin, which hair is naturally made from, and thus blend in easily. They last for quite some time after they’ve been applied and can be used to conceal balding sections and thinning hair. On top of this, they aren’t painful, and the application process is fairly easy. You won’t have to worry about your thinning hair, thanks to them.

Hair Loss Shampoos

There are some shampoos that are designed to make your hair grow back in stronger and thicker. They combat hair loss. One good example of this is Biotin shampoo. The product is named after the B Vitamins that it contains, which are great for your hair. The science behind this is solid. B Vitamins really do work, especially if they’re in shampoo, where they can directly target the cells in the scalp.


If your hair loss is caused by an undiagnosed medical condition, then getting on the right medications will help quite a bit. Typical thinning hair conditions can be caused by too much testosterone in the body (yes, even women are susceptible to this), too much estrogen, and even thyroid imbalances. A simple blood test and some medical treatments are all that it takes to help restore your hair.

The Best Hair Thickening Product For Restoring Your Hair

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Watch Out For Certain Hairstyles

If you wear your hair in a certain style every day, you might be damaging your scalp. For example, tight ponytails and buns, those that pull severely on the scalp, can leave you prone to thinning hair and bald spots at the front of your head. Typically, athletes who pull their back, such as swimmers and gymnasts are prone to this, but so are ballerinas and anyone who wears these styles.


Use A Hair Loss Concealer

There are two main types of these hair loss concealers. One is a spray, the other a powder. Both go onto the scalp in order to cover thinning or bald areas. While they won’t cover a large part of the scalp, they’re good for smaller sections. A hair loss concealer can be sprayed or patted on, and as long as it’s the same color as your hair, it will make your hair look thicker in that area. The downside is that these products only last until your next shampoo. However, they’re very easy to apply.