Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a real challenge when you are already trying to juggle a busy schedule. Keeping on top of chores or doing all those little things you’ve wanted to do can seem impossible. But maintaining your home’s upkeep doesn’t have to be daunting task, in fact there are ways to simplify the process. If you’d like to make some simple changes to your routine and clean your house weekly, then consider this simple guide.

Helpful tools

If your home is anything like mine, then one of the biggest issues you’ve got is clothes and washing. Staying on top of my washing some weeks seems impossible. If that sounds like you, then do what I did and consider laundry baskets. Using laundry baskets as a storage solution allows you to get those clothes off the floor and in a more manageable state.

Laundry baskets come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and even materials. You can get baskets to fit shelving or to even fit in that awkward corner of the room you never use. By keeping laundry baskets around the house, you avoid the dreaded strip off and throw on the ground routine that many of us subscribe to. Not only will it keep the floor tidy, it will help maintain a regular schedule of washing.

Employ some help

Now when I say “employ”, I don’t mean putting an ad on the local job boards and conducting a panel interview with your roommates or family. No, I mean using technology to help you out. One of the best inventions of recent history that will dramatically simplify your home’s upkeep is the robotic vacuum cleaner. Not only will this piece of technology mean you no longer require as much storage space, it will keep those floors spotless on a regular routine. All you have to do is simply set up the schedule in the system, turn the vacuum cleaner and watch the dirt and dust disappear; it is that simple.

Remind yourself

Maintaining your home isn’t all about the smaller jobs, sometimes it includes making sure you don’t forget about the bigger tickets items that are required less frequently. To simplify these jobs, try adding simple calendar or scheduled reminders to help you to get them sorted.

Cleaning out the gutters isn’t something you need to do every week, but every few months, it can be very important to protecting your home. By setting up reminders in your phone, computer or even in your paper diary is a simple way to make sure you keep on top of those less frequent chores.

Garden bag

When you look out the window and see the grass needs to be mown and that pesky tree out the back need trimming, it is very simple to brush these jobs aside because you can’t dispose of the clippings or branches. If that sounds like you, there is a very simple fix, get a garden bag.

A garden bag is a very inexpensive solution to make sure you can maintain your yard and gardens regularly. You can also choose how often they are collected, so in the summer months a monthly collection may be needed and then in winter you can spread it out. Garden bags are a simple and fantastic solution to maintaining your home all year round.


Maintaining your home’s appearance can be tough, especially when you have a thousand things already going on in your life. But keeping a well presented home doesn’t have to be a time consuming job. It can be simple if you know how to make it so. Looking for ways in which technology can help or creative storage solutions can really simplify things. If you are still not sure, then use this guide to help simplify your home upkeep routine.