Third Grade Mermaid

I bought “Third Grade Mermaid” for my daughter as a gift when she finished 2nd grade.  I wanted to get her something to celebrate being a third grader, plus she is obsessed with swimming, so I knew she would love it!

Third Grade Mermaid, by Peter Raymundo, is about a girl (mermaid!) named Cora who lives in the sea with her family.  She has trouble with her spelling test, and the book is about her adventures in and out of school.

My daughter’s review:

Cora is a mermaid, and lives in the ocean with her family.  She has trouble with her spelling test, and wants to stretch her fins a little bit.  She takes a nice long swim around the reef and ends up at a place called the Dumping Zone, where there are toxic barrels of sludge.  Her mom says to never touch the slimy goo inside the barrels, but she realizes there is something trapped under a barrel – it was a tiny little crab. There are also some people in the book called Singing Sirens and their birthday party.  Cora goes on a lot of adventures in this book.

Third Grade Mermaid is a really cute book.  It is fun and entertaining, especially if you have a reader that is just getting into chapter books and could use some pictures to keep them interested.  The book is recommended for ages 6-8 / grades 2-4.  My daughter really enjoyed this book, and we are excited another Third Grade Mermaid book will be out January 2018.

Third Grade mermaid

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