Eating at Home Eating Out

When it is time to plan dinner for your family, you have two choices. You can either cook a meal at home or you can order in or go out to eat. Each option has its own benefits.

Benefits Of Eating At Home

There are plenty of benefits of heading to the supermarket and going home and cooking a meal for your family.

  • Eating at home is healthier: When you prepare a meal for your family, it is often the more healthy decision. You can choose what you are going to serve, therefore, you can make sure that you are choosing, healthy, low-calorie dishes. When you eat out or order in, you typically won’t have any nutritional information on the food that each member of your family is ordering.
  • You will know what is in your meal: When you prepare your own meals at home, you will know exactly what is in the meal because you are the one preparing it. When you eat out, you won’t have a list of the ingredients in each meal that your family chooses, therefore, you won’t always know what is in each dish.
  • Eating at home is less expensive: If you are a thrifty shopper, you can cook a meal for your family $25. If you are extremely thrifty, you can prepare a healthy meal for under $25. If you choose to dine out or order out, you can expect to pay $40 or more to feed your family. If you are like most families, you live on a budget, which makes eating at home the better alternative.
  • Preparing dinner can be a family event: When you prepare dinner at home, it can be something that the family can do together. Each member of the family can be given a job. This will give you a chance to do something together, which is something that many families don’t do these days. If you go out to eat or if you order in, you will still be sitting around the table together, however, you won’t have a chance to work together the way that you would if you prepared the meal at home.

Benefits Of Eating Out/Ordering In

While there are benefits of preparing a meal at home, there are also benefits of eating out or ordering in. Whether you decide to go out to a family restaurant or if your order in from a delivery service such as They have menus from thousands of restaurants in your area, making it easy to find exactly what you are in the mood for. There are benefits that you cannot get if you prepare your own dinner and eat it at home.

  • No need to cook: After a long day at work, many parents are tired by the time they get home. There are nights when the idea of going home and preparing dinner for the family seems unfathomable. If you are tired at the end of the day, going to a restaurant or ordering in will save you the work of having to cook.
  • It is a treat. Sometimes you want to make a special occasion with a meal, my family and I often save going out for birthdays or holidays. It makes such a special memory to look back on. Last year my family and I traveled to the UK and visited the most gorgeous pub that offered the Best Sunday Lunch in County Durham. By not eating out all the time, it makes it special and we will always remember it. 
  • No clean up after dinner: If you prepare a meal at home, you are going to need to clear the table after and wash the dishes. If you go to a restaurant, you will come home to a clean kitchen and an empty sink when you get home. If you order in, you would simply need to throw away your take-out container after you have finished eating. After a long day, this is a good feeling.
  • More choices: When you prepare a meal at home for your family, everyone will be eating the same thing. Any parent who has ever cooked for a family knows that you can’t please everyone. There will likely be one person at the table who doesn’t like something on their plate. If you go to a restaurant or if you order in, each family member can choose what they want to eat, ensuring that everyone likes what is on their plate. For your family members with strict diet requirements you can check the menus online before going.

When it comes to choosing between preparing a meal at home or eating out or ordering in, preparing the meal at home is the healthier, cheaper, and more responsible option. If it is a meal of convenience that you are looking for, going to a restaurant or ordering in is the better option.