How To Support Your Children Through Their School Years

Your child’s education is one of the most important experiences that they’ll ever face, meaning it is vital that they have the best possible educational journey possible. School years contribute to your child’s development and, no matter how old they are, they will come out of the whole thing with knowledge and memories that are impossible to find elsewhere. Of course, part of the school experience is to learn and gain independence, but it is also a time to show your support and care as, as we all know, school isn’t always a walk in the park.

Stay In The Loop

If your child is prone to bottling things up or is naturally shy, it is important for you to remind them that you are there to listen and talk about anything they want to get off their chest; no matter whether it is good or bad. Staying in the loop is very important as it helps you to understand what may be triggering any stress or upset. You may not be able to step in your child’s shoes, but being their friend will always go the extra mile. Keep up to date with school updates through their website and newsletter and attend every parent’s evening to stay updated on your child’s academic progress.

Plan Ahead

It is easier to see the bigger picture as a parent, meaning you can help your child to prepare for the school year and allow them to think about more than just homework stress and first day nerves. Encourage them to look into school clubs and ensure that they find at least one which sparks an interest. Joining a club will allow your child to spend time doing an activity they enjoy and it is also a great way to improve social skills.  If your child enjoys learning, you can get them to study extra learning materials for the psle English paper 2, which can be tricky for students.

In addition to this, frequently talk with your child about their aspirations and career curiosity; ensuring that they are passionate about something will motivate them to work hard in their school years.

Get Them What They Need

Be selective on what you give them and make sure that it is exactly what they need for their growth. Some educational items kids should be exposed to would include animal figures, activity books, science kits, board games and sports tools. You can also adopt a dog or cat as pet to improve their social skills. In some cases, parents purchase realistic dolls like those you can get from Kiss Reborn website. These customizable dolls also assist with improving their communication skills and more importantly, help exercise their empathy and control of emotion.

Inspire Them

The majority of children look up to their parents and many see them as role models. Set a good impression for your child and share your own school experiences with them. If you excelled in a particular subject, let them know. They will feel inspired to follow in your footsteps and make the family name proud! Children should always be full of inspiration as this motivates them to work hard everyday and work towards their own goals and aspirations.

Be Compassionate

Although we strive for our children to try their hardest in tests and aim to succeed, things don’t always go to plan and exams aren’t always passed first time. We’ve all been there! As long as your child tries their absolute hardest, then be compassionate and supportive in the unfortunate case that they don’t achieve their desired exam results. Danuta Tomasz, assistant director of education at Cognita Schools, has some great advice in this situation. It is quite simply: ‘do not despair’. There will always be a solution to the problem and there is no point stressing and worrying over something that cannot be changed. Life is all about learning from mistakes and picking up the pieces to try again.


Realistically, the best thing you can do to support your child through their school years is to offer a helping hand when necessary and just listen. This experience is perhaps the first one that your child will have to face with initiative; take a step back and let them make their own decisions.