I received a pair of glasses in exchange for my honest review.

I wear glasses every day, and it can be frustrating how expensive prescription eyewear can be.  As it is, I don’t get to the optometrist as often as I should, but then there are my other concerns, like affording prescription sunglasses or getting an extra pair of glasses in case one breaks. is a great place to shop when looking for affordable eye wear.  I started panicking a few weeks ago because I had no idea where my prescription sunglasses were.  Not only that, but that pair does not fit well, and slides off my face.  I have felt like I was stuck wearing sunglasses I don’t like, so I was excited to see affordable prescription sunglasses available to order from the comfort of home.

I was able to find a pair of glasses I liked after browsing for just a few minutes on  While I am comfortable with the idea of affordable glasses, there are some discount websites I have looked at that have a pretty funky collection of glasses that there is no way I could consider.

Shopping at is easy, because you can narrow down your selections quickly.  For example, you can shop by shape, brand, size, color, and much more.  I was able to narrow down the selection to the MODA 100 prescription sunglasses based on the frame shape, and frame size (small).

Glasses are very easy to order.  You pick out the glasses you would like, as well as features (such as choice of color, lens color for sunglasses, etc).  I was excited to see so many choices, including polarized lenses.  Once you have customized your selection, you provide Discount Glasses with your current prescription, and your order is placed!

My sunglasses arrived quickly – you can even get glasses overnight.  Quick flashback to when I broke my glasses on a boat in the middle of a boating trip, having a pair of glasses overnighted would have been awesome!  These sunglasses feel very solid and the prescription is spot on.

Marysa Sunglasses

I love my MODA 100 sunglasses from  The shopping and ordering process was very easy, and my glasses were shipped promptly.  I will definitely be back when I need another pair of prescription glasses!

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