With mother’s day having just passed us by, our sights turn to the next parent-based holiday in the year – Father’s Day. Celebrating the influence your dad has had over your life is an annual delight, almost always preceded by weeks of worry over what this enigmatic man at the helm of your creation would want as a gift for such a momentous occasion. What object will tell your father how much he means to you? What Father’s Day gifts can you bestow to properly enjoy this day? To help get the ideas flowing, we’ve put together a six tip guide for wowing your Dad this Father’s Day.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Bespoke Crafts

Bespoke crafts are the new hot thing for Father’s Day gifts this year.

If you have a bit more cash to spend, getting a craftsman to hand-make a trinket, knick-knack or useful item for your Dad can really make this year stand out, as this gift becomes not only something made specially for him, but something that is one-of-a-kind. Whether it be a leather bound journal, a wooden table, or an acoustic guitar, special gifts most always cost more, but last a lifetime.


Gadgets are always fun, and most Dads will love a good gadget for Father’s Day.

Things like an Apple TV unit, a new set of Bose headphones, a laser keyboard or a wireless speaker are all great things your dad could make use of and they’re all a bit fun too, which is the spirit of the day. Make sure to get a gadget your Dad can easily understand, though, as a gadget beyond his understanding will go tragically unused.

Outdoorsman Objet D’art

If your Dad is a wild man, a real outdoorsy type, then maybe some outdoorsman objects are the perfect thing to surprise him with this Father’s Day. Camping packages, a new wood-chopping axe, weather-proof clothing or even a good whittling-knife can make an outdoorsy Dad grin with glee and begin planning his next camping trip. There are  survival keyrings he can clip to his keychain that boast compasses, flint & steel, parachute cord and emergency whistles, and prices for the perfect gift range from the very expensive to the very affordable.


If your Dad is a fashion master, some clothing can be the ideal thing to sling his way this Father’s Day. Find a really stylish pair of jeans, some great T-shirts, or a new jacket, and transform his wardrobe entirely. Alternatively, if he is more picky when it comes to his clothing, gift cards for his favourite stores are an acceptable gift.

Vehicle Add-Ons

Maybe your dad is a bit of petrol head, and his car is his pride and joy.

The good news here is that there are literally thousands of different bits and bobs for almost any car, and a quick glance at his car interior will tell you what he has and what he doesn’t. A dashboard mount for his phone, perhaps, or a set of front and rear traffic cameras to ensure he doesn’t get hit while parked somewhere and the offender leaves the scene.

Experience Exuberance

Finally, if your Dad is less of a “things” kind of person and more of an “experience” person, buying experiences for him is easier than ever in this modern age. Maybe a balloon ride over the city could be a wonderful experience for him, or a heart-racing experience in an escape room for an afternoon, if he’s feeling more inclined to a challenge.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be some stressful, week-long experience in a race to get the perfect gift for your Dad, just having a look at some of the items on this list should get your imagination whirring when it comes to gifts this Father’s Day.