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Saving money is really important for us.  We work hard and do what we can to find good deals and be frugal.  As a busy mom, I don’t have a ton of time to search for deals, which is why I have to rely on a quick online search from home or on my mobile.  But I’m sure if you’ve looked for deals like I have, you have run into the same issues I do – sites not loading, outdated coupon codes, going from site to site, and so on.

Dealspotr simplifies the process searching for deals, with over 5 million deals posted on a crowdsourcing platform!


As a crowdsourcing site, people are constantly adding and updating information.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought I had found a great deal online, only to find that it had expired years earlier!  Or I tried to use a code and it was invalid.

When you look at a deal, you can see right away what others are saying about that deal and have a better idea if the deal will work or not.


Using Dealspotr is easy.  Create a quick login, and you’re set.  The great thing is that your feed is personalized, so it helps to narrow down deals just for you.  Again, less time wasted looking for deals.  So let’s say you are a new mom and you want a deal on diapers or other baby supplies, your feed can be narrowed down to deals on baby products.  I love how you can find deals by a variety of ways – what’s trending, hot deals, by store, or type (like a restaurant), and more.


Dealspotr has a little bit of everything, from coupon codes to general deals.  Maybe you have some favorite places to shop, like Target or Amazon – you can click on those stores to see the deals there.  This is great not just so you can browse deals, but for all those times maybe you need some inspiration or an item to reach free shipping.

Dealspotr isn’t just about finding great deals.  As a community of people sharing deals, you can actually earn rewards through Dealspotr for being an active member of the community, helping to share deals and more.  What a great way to score both great deals and rewards too!


Dealspotr has quickly made it’s way to my daily list of sites that I check.  I am saving lots of time and money not having to drive from store to store (or even to the store at all!), and Dealspotr makes it easy to find working deals fast.


Visit Dealspotr here.

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