Gift-giving can be so difficult.  And getting gifts can be a hassle too, so ordering from is something we do all the time.  These are some of my favorite items from that I would recommend.

Amazon Favorites

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AncestryDNA Kit

Although it isn’t an Amazon item, one of my top picks for this year is an Ancestry DNA kit. Read about my experience and why this makes a great gift HERE.

Roku Streaming Stick

We absolutely love our Roku, and we watch a lot of programs on Netflix and Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more. I can’t remember not having a Roku! We have given a Roku as a gift and it was a big hit.

Life Factory Glass Water Bottle

I won’t drink out of plastic, but I am not a big fan of stainless bottles.  I have had a Life Factory bottle for probably 10 years now and I love it!  They have lots of pretty colors and a variety of caps (get the cap that flips open, not the one you have to screw off every time).  They even make bottles for kids and bottles for hot beverages.

Mystical Fire

This is such a cool product.  I bought this so that when we go camping, we can throw some packets in the fire and it adds some really pretty colors to the flames.  This makes a great gift for someone who goes camping, or even if you have a fire pit at home.  (Note – you aren’t supposed to cook over the flames when the colorant has been added, so cook on the fire beforehand or wait until the packet burns off).  Another idea is to get a multi-pack of these and give a few here and there as stocking stuffers.  We usually use a few at a time, so I would say give them in sets of 3 if you do break up the pack.

30 oz Yeti Stainless Rambler

I use this just about every day, and when I don’t, it’s usually because it needs to be washed.  Seriously, this is awesome for tea, coffee, etc.  I bring mine to work and a enjoy hot beverage all morning.

While you’re at it, get the handle for the Yeti.  It really helps as I am stumbling getting ready and out the door for work.

Makeup removing cloths

I used to spend a lot of time trying to remove my makeup, and then dealing with things like disposable makeup removing pads, or makeup removing creams or other products – or the fact that I was ruining wash cloths and towels.  Now, I have a nice little stash of these cloths, which work wonderfully.   You wet them and then it is like a magic eraser for makeup.  I even bring these with me when I travel so that I don’t ruin the guest towels!

Gardening gloves

Garden Gloves make GREAT gifts.  I go through a lot of garden gloves as they wear out or a pair gets lost outside, or I keep one in my outside storage bench and another pair in the garage.  People always thank me because it is such a useful gift, and I end up giving them yearly to a lot of people.  Another good item is gardening clippers, because they get a lot of use and wear.

If you know an avid gardener, you could create a gift basket of gardening necessities.  Indoor and outdoor plants need fertilizing, so you could make a basket with fertilizer, gloves, clippers, seeds, even potting soil.

Good luck and happy shopping!  Do you have any Amazon favorites?