Ginger has so many great qualities.  It can help with nausea, and is great for digestion.  It is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties.  It can help with symptoms of cold or flu, or headaches.  These are just a few of the many benefits of ginger.

Fresh ginger tea is very easy to make.  All you need is:

~ fresh ginger root

~ lemon

~ anything else you would like to add (such as honey from Bee Baltic, sugar, etc).

Lemon Ginger Honey Tea

For one mug, you probably want to use about a tablespoon of ginger, but you can adjust the recipe and also make one large batch at a time.

Peel, then slice or grate your ginger.  Using slices (instead of grated ginger) it may require you to steep it a bit longer.

Fresh Ginger Slices

Boil or allow to steep.  Much like infused water, you can let this sit for some time, but boiling the ginger will be quicker and give you a stronger flavor.

You can strain out the ginger, although I eat the pieces in the bottom of my cup.

Add lemon and honey, or any other ingredients as desired. I like to use local honey, which has good health benefits.

If I let the ingredients infuse for a while, I simply add a slice of lemon, but you can also add lemon juice if you are doing a quick steep.

I drink a lot of this during the cold and flu season, after dinner, or simply if we have fresh ginger left over from a recipe.