Suffering injuries in a car accident in New York can be traumatising and have a significant impact on your life. 

Besides injuries, you also have to deal with rising medical bills, arduous paperwork, and insensitive insurance companies. 

A Queens Car Accident Attorney possesses in-depth knowledge and experience to assist you and your family in navigating through complex New York accident laws. 

New York Car Accident Laws Are Complex

If you have suffered injuries after a car accident in Queens, the last thing you need is to have to navigate New York’s complex accident claims system. New York’s no-fault and comparative fault laws can limit your legal options.

Under New York No-fault insurance laws, a New York driver must carry first-party insurance coverage to cover medical bills and lost wages in the event of an accident.

No-fault insurance provides drivers with immediate access to compensation. However, these policies cover only a select few damages after a car accident. 

In New York, there is a “serious injury threshold. If your injuries meet this threshold, you have the right to pursue a lawsuit after a car accident.

New York is a pure comparative negligence state. New York’s Pure Comparative Negligence Statute will not prevent you from recovering damages after a car accident even if you are responsible for the accident. Under pure comparative negligence rules, courts treat levels of negligence in terms of percentages. For example, if you are 40% at fault and you are awarded $200,000 in damages, you will receive $120,000 after your percentage of fault in the accident is reduced from the damages awarded to you.

In New York, there is no threshold of fault that a plaintiff has to be under to bring a claim. For example, a plaintiff can be ninety-nine percent at fault for an accident and still recover one percent of his or her damages.

New York State laws require you to report a car accident to the DMV within ten days of the accident if the accident caused injury, death, or property damage above $1,000. There is a specific Report of Motor Vehicle Accident form (MV-104) to fill out, and failure to do so can lead to licence suspension. 

The statute of limitations to file a claim in New York is three years from the injury date. 

Access To An Attorney’s Financial, Intellectual, And Legal Resources

Car accident cases can be an expensive proposition. An attorney has to hire and work with investigators and experts from a variety of fields. As most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, they have to spend significant resources on behalf of clients, and they do not recoup these expenses until they have won the lawsuit. 

This commitment is the most significant reason why victims who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others should seek legal representation. 

At Gregory Spektor And Associates,  we possess extensive resources to take on corporations, insurance companies, and government entities. 

Individuals With Legal Representation Get Favourable Settlements And Verdicts

Without the guidance of an experienced lawyer, your claim cannot live up to its potential. Your personal injury lawyer has only one goal – to recover adequate compensation on your behalf. 

Many individuals who try to settle their accident claims get lowball offers from insurance companies. It is also tricky for an injured victim to gather relevant information and evidence while they are recovering from injuries sustained. Due to a lack of knowledge of legal procedures and errors in their claims, a case can come to an abrupt end before it begins for many victims who do not hire an experienced car accident attorney. 

Compassionate Advocacy

Car accident lawyers provide genuine support and compassionate advocacy for car accident victims. At our New York personal injury law firm, we understand how stressful suffering injuries in an accident can be – especially when you are not at fault. Our lawyers believe in a compassionate and empathetic approach to client care. 

Contact A Queens Car Accident Lawyer 

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