I have heard about the Tech Park waterfall trail for a while now, so when we were nearby, we decided to check it out. I particularly enjoy trails that have features such as waterfalls, and this has several.

Getting to the trailhead was fairly easy, although I passed the parking lot by accident. There is a small parking lot located where the green flag is on the image below.

I used Google Maps to get there. Since there is no marker on Google Maps for the trailhead, your best bet is putting in the address for WMHT, and then the trailhead parking lot will be right past the WMHT parking lot, and before you reach the Regeneron parking lot.

There is plenty of parking here, with a parking lot dedicated to hikers.

It is clearly marked where to go to get to the trailhead from the parking lot.

There is a trail map posted on a sign out by the road.

You have to walk to the trailhead, cutting between WMHT and a grassy area.

The trails are well-marked here, with plenty of red markers along the trails.

Check out the trail map here. This is an easy approximate 1.2 mile loop. There were a few steeper portions, but overall I would say it was not difficult.

Most of the trails seem well-maintained, although there are some spots where there are a lot of roots on the trail. Watch your step so that you don’t trip on any of the roots. We went in August, and the trails were very dry, which was not surprising considering there had been little rain.

After we began our hike here, I wished I had taken a picture of the trail map. While the trails are well-marked, all of the markers are red, and there are some trail spurs and shortcuts. It is unlikely that you could get lost here, unless perhaps you turned the wrong direction when returning to the entrance trail.

Half of the loop is more or less flat, and the other has some incline to it, so there is some elevation to navigate.

Bloomingdale Brook winds through the ravine below.

We found this cute toad hiding out in the base of a tree!

There are some steep edges here, and while the hike itself would be easy enough for younger kids, you would want to make sure they stay away from the edges.

There is some kind of old, rusted cart off the side of the trail.

The trail does get close to some of the waterfalls. It was nice to see water flowing in late August.

There is a spot where you have to navigate over Bloomingdale Brook. I wouldn’t say it is difficult, but you would want to take extra care with kids or if you are not steady on your feet.

Another cute toad along the trail.

This was a short, easy hike. It was a warm day when we went, but most of the trail was in the shade, so it was a nice break from the sun.

Beautiful yellow goldenrod blooms along the trail.

There is some information about the Tech Park, including a trail map, here.

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