Powder coating machines are powerful tools that handle all stages оf powder coating production, from application tо curing. They come іn a variety оf options tо suit different production needs and budgets.

Titan equipment, a trusted name іn the industry, offers a wide range оf professional-quality powder coating guns with features like variable voltage control (kV).  Lower kV settings can be particularly beneficial when working within Faraday cage environments оr using specialty powders.

1. Enhanced Performance

Electric powder coating gun relies оn electrostatic charge tо propel powder pigments toward grounded metal surfaces, where they adhere securely and form strong and long-lasting finishes. This approach marks a distinct departure from traditional spray painting methods, and helps account for innovations like bonded metallics оr lower oven temperatures that reduce energy costs. Electric powder coating guns offer a unique and efficient way tо achieve professional-looking finishes оn a variety оf metal projects.

Corona and Tribo guns use two main methods for imparting electrostatic charges: Corona uses a high voltage generator to charge an electrode at an opposite potential to that of the workpiece’s ground, with powder particles collected by this gun moving towards this lower potential in search of aerodynamic forces that help them attain it; on the other hand, Tribo guns utilize material transport strictly based on velocity which helps eliminate Faraday cage penetration issues that arise between grounded and unground parts over short distances.

2. Increased Efficiency

An essential piece of equipment needed for powder coating is a gun. This tool sprays electrostatically charged powder onto parts to create durable and scratch-resistant finishes, with features such as adjustable KVs (kilovolts), variable voltage functionality, and various nozzle options available to give every project its unique application process. Graco offers an expansive line of customizable electric guns which are tailor-made to fit each project – their versatile electric gun offerings provide custom application tailored specifically for every piece.

Corona and Tribo guns are the two primary gun types used for powder coating: Corona utilizes a high voltage generator to charge its electrode and impart a corona charge into the powder cloud being sprayed, while Tribo guns use physical contact between powder and surface of part to impart charge – this allows for higher powder flow rates, decreased downtime, and greater versatility with different powder types not compatible with Corona guns.

3. More Versatility

Professional powder coating guns feature multiple settings that can be easily cycled through using a computerized controller, providing greater transfer efficiency and better results in difficult-to-cover areas such as corners, details and Faraday cages.

Many powder gun operators frequently confuse voltage with current, but they should know they are two separate concepts. Voltage measures the ability of electrical current to perform work; current indicates how much work has actually been completed.

Typically speaking, higher kV (voltage) settings indicate more powerful guns. Lower kV settings usually have less power but still deliver satisfactory results when adjusted properly. A quality powder gun will display microamperage readings which indicate how much current the gun is using at any particular moment – more useful than simply looking at its kV setting alone; these readings reveal exactly how well your gun is functioning at that particular moment; using appropriate settings can reduce overspray, improve powder consumption and help avoid spitting altogether.

4. Increased Safety

Powder coating guns use electrostatic charge to propel particles of desired material towards grounded workpieces, adhering to metal surfaces. As technology has advanced, powder coating guns have become more precise and consumed lower energy consumption than their corona counterparts. Furthermore, innovations like bonded metallics and low temperature curing aid color consistency and reduce rework requirements.

Tribo powder guns do not require electricity, providing an additional safety advantage in certain environments. Furthermore, they are less prone to Faraday cage effects and can accommodate a wider variety of powders than corona guns; however they have lower transfer efficiency and waste more powder when in operation.

When operating a tribo powder gun, use the lowest possible kV setting. This helps minimize electrode size and damage to powder cups, nozzles and other parts of your system. Also ensure that there is clean, dry compressed air that runs your gun without oil contamination.