Looking to add some gorgeous festoon lighting to your Sydney home or venue? Lighting experts like Fusion Lighting share insider tips to buy festoon lights in Sydney to create a spectacular ambiance. From globes to stringing to suppliers, here’s what you need to glow with festoon style.

Pick Perfect Globes

Festoons use hanging incandescent bulbs, so first decide on globe shape and size. Classic Edison bulbs have exposed filaments for visual interest. Go for 25mm to 40mm sizes. Smaller bulbs pack in more light. Consider clear or colored hues to match your decor. Quality globes ensure festoon magic.

Determine Length

Measure your space to gauge required festoon length—are you draping a patio or spanning an entire venue? Suppliers sell festoon strings by the meter. Experts recommend 1 meter per 1 square meter space as a general rule. Size up accordingly, allowing extra length for shaping and corner turns.

Calculate Bulb Count

Next, determine bulb numbers for your festoon length. Bulbs usually space 30cm apart. Multiply your length by 3-4 bulbs per meter for ample illumination. Or opt for sparser bulbs and more shadow play. Just ensure your string length and globes sync up for balanced festooning.

Choose Bulb Wattage

Consider lighting needs when picking bulb wattage, measured in watts. Standard incandescent bulbs come in 25W, 40W, 60W and higher. Bigger watts cast brighter light but also produce more heat. Low-watt bulbs work well for mood lighting and cut energy costs.

Evaluate Light Temp

Will your festoons create ambiance for evening meals? Or brightly illuminate workspace? Light temperature measures warmness on the Kelvin (K) scale. Low 2000-3000K is warm yellow; 4000-6000K is cool white. Match temperature to your activity—lower for relaxing mood, higher for tasks.

Safety First

Since festoons use electrical wiring, safety is critical. Look for lights certified to Australian standards with insulated PVC cords and proper suspension clamps. Waterproof LED bulbs are ideal for outdoor use. Don’t take risks with non-compliant products.

Choose Durable Materials

See that festoons have thick, high-quality wiring resistant to cracking and weathering. Plastic globe sockets prone to breaking won’t do. Make sure hanging clamps are sturdy non-rusting metal so strings mount securely. Premium materials prevent sagging and defects.

Find Flexible Cords

The best festoon lights have flexible PVC cords that keep bulbs evenly spaced and prevent tangling during shaping. Rigid prone-to-tangle cords make positioning a pain. Flexible commercial-grade cords render properly draped festoons.

Incorporate Clips

Ask about clip options to neatly run festoons along walls, beams, fences etc. Basic clips simply hold cords in place. Ball clip designs let cords swivel and pivot for perfect shaping. Clips boost versatility for indoor or outdoor festoon styling.

Consider Dimmable

Many festoons have dimmers to control ambiance from soft and subdued to dazzlingly bright. Dials adjust entire strings. Others have dimmable individual bulbs. Dimming options help set just the right festive mood.


Well, those are your insider festoon buying tips. Let me know if you have any other lighting questions. Wishing you bright, beautiful and safe festooning in Sydney and beyond.